15+ Top Alternatives Sites Like Primewire To Watching Movies for Free [Updated list]


Are you finding Alternatives Sites Like Primewire To Watching Movies for Free? Here are list of websites like Primewire.

Online streaming has become one of the most popular ways to access movies in recent years. Nowadays, there are an enormous range of choices to choose from, each one often having a whole list of slightly differing domain names to represent their different host services. Primewire is a great option a lot of the time, with its massive range of films. However sometimes that option is denied to you. “Primewire is liable to getting shut down in various countries and regions. Normally, it bounces back. But the nature of its stream hosting is that it is seen as violating certain laws at times.

So, without further ado, here are Best Alternatives websites like Primewire to Watching Movies


Putlocker represents one of the mainstream sites in terms of accessing film and tv on the internet. It’s had a few rough patches in terms of stability, but it is a long enduring option for you to find the movies you want. It has an enormous database which is really helpful for you no matter what your taste is. It also has great film classification, listing by genre, year, country etc. etc.


One word can make a world of difference, and Streamog has, indeed, despite how visually similar the two online streaming sites are. Streamog specializes in movies and TV shows, and the site has a very comprehensive content filter that allows you to sort content by type, quality, genre, country, and release year. Most movies on Streamog have been released after 2014, but you can also find plenty of older movies on the site if you look for them.


123MOVIES is an extremely popular choice of streaming for people looking to find movies online. It’s a consistent service and has a similarly enormous collection of movies. It identifies the trending films and puts them on the front page. It also offers truly HD streams for many films. Overall a strong replacement for Primewire.


Despite having been removed several times in its history, GOMovies is a fan favorite in terms of streaming sites for movies. It offers clear and good quality content and an intuitive layout. Similarly, it has a great international selection of films. You might find you have to follow a slightly different address but go movies will always be there for you one way or another.

Yify TV

Yify is a popular torrent hosting site but has a dual purpose as a great database for streaming. Streaming saves you the hassle of having to download your film ahead of time, but Yify gives you the option to do both. It has a bit more of a limited range but is very consistent and aims to get the current movies out there as quickly as possible.

Solar Movies

Like a few so far, SolarMovies is another heavy hitter in the world of streamed film and television content. It runs under a few different domain names but has a vast stretch. It is also often featured as an embedded link in some of your favorite hosting sites. It offers a wide range of content at good qualities all the time.

Popcorn Time

PopcornTime is quite unique in the way in which it has a very professional and modern interface. It contrasts with many of the other streaming options in this regard. You can mark films to watch later, adjust the quality to adapt to connection and bandwidth issues and has a very simple and intuitive look to it.


Vumoo is a very popular streaming site which totally does the job in a pretty easy to follow way. It lacks a lot of the additional features included on Primewire, like ability to narrow your search by region, format, language, year etc. But if you know exactly what you want to watch then go for it.

Snag Films

SnagFilms has a Netflix-esque formula for hosting its content, using a layout very similar to that of Netflix. It organizes its content by the type of film, meaning you can find movies that are closely connected to the one you have watched in stylistic aspects and user watch trends rather than by technical information like country and cast.


Another streaming site with the title popcorn in it, PopcornFlix is a good alternative to Primewire. It has a large database and a very usable UI with nicely ordered genre listings. It has an interesting new arrivals section as well, in which you might be able to spot films which you previously wanted to watch but didn’t see on the site.


With Hulu we move into the slightly different realm of huge mainstream commercial streaming sites, who have contracts directly linked to networks and studios. Hulu has incredible content and a superb value for money. It is also possible to get Hulu for free with their trial period which means that it is an option to you even if you are trying to avoid paying any sort of fee or subscription for your content. It has a whole range of film and tv content and a lot of original and exclusive content you won’t find elsewhere.


Crackle is in a similar vein to that of Hulu, as one of the more obviously mainstream options. Crackle is owned by Sony and offers add supported free streaming to you within the USA. To avoid that, one can employ an IP changer. Either way you will get some great content on Crackle and an extremely professional UI. It is hard to find ad supported content curated by a company as large as Sony, so with Crackle you will also be able to access Crackel originals and exclusive content.


WatchSeries is another of the old guard, in terms of online streaming sites. It has been around years and endured both its highs and its lows. It has a wonderful selection of films and TV. It is a committed site with a great understanding of what people want and pretty minimal advertising and a simplistic layout. It’s not at all fancy but it has a lot of history and will always be there when you need it.


ZMovies is a really good alternative to Primewire, with a whole ton of content and great UX design. There is a whole host of high-quality films, ranging from older classics to the movies which are in the movie theatres at the moment. It’s a customizable experience for an account holder as well, so if you are more dedicated you can take it further.


HubMovie has a great look and feel to it as well as a great usability. It has all the modern movies you could want, laid out in a clear and easy to use interface. There’s a minimalism to it which can be really helpful in spotting what movie you are interested in and choosing the right links etc. I would advise giving it a look the next time Primewire isn’t available.

Panda Movie

Panda Movie is a newer addition to the world of online film and tv streaming. As well as the usual list of old classics and modern films, Panda Movie has a really nice layout and some great customizable search options for you as you look for something to watch. You can see what is trending at the moment as well as looking through a very long list of genres. It isn’t hard to see why people are taking to this site as a great option for their viewing.


Shaanig is a site for the specialist streamer. On top of being able to access a great variety of films and genres, Shaanig has a really cool ability to chose from specific codecs, depending on how you will be watching the film or show. So, you can pick things like HDRip, DVDRip, Blu-ray and more. This is especially helpful if you plan to screen a film, as the quality is really important on a large screen.


To finish off the list of great alternatives to Primewire, we have a classic movie site that has been around for a long time. fMovies gives you the opportunity to download movies and watch them at the same time which can be a really satisfying option, giving you even more freedom that the famous streaming sites. It has been around for years and years and features an always excellent selection of films with good genre classification. If you’re looking for consistency, then look no further. fMovies will always be a great alternative to Primewire whenever you have the desire to do some movie watching but the service isn’t available.


 “The field of online streaming is now an absolutely dominant market, with companies of all shapes and sizes, from your Netflix’s to your SolarMovies, taking advantage of the powerful capabilities of streaming. For the user themselves, this is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the entertainment you want, whenever you want to.” It is a great time for film and tv fans and this list of sites should give you a great resource to draw from whenever you can’t access Primewire for your viewing pleasure. So, go get watching!


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