How to Login to GoDaddy Account – A Step-By-Step Guide


Here is A Step-By-Step Guide for GoDaddy Website Login. Brief Guide for GoDaddy Account Login.

Do you want to own a website but don’t know how to develop one? Do you have a million dollar idea but technical skills are stopping you from working forward? GoDaddy brings the solution to all your obstacles.

Who is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy Incorporation is an American public Internet Domain enlistment center and web facilitating organization settled in Tempe, Arizona and joined in Delaware. As of June 2020, GoDaddy has in excess of 20 million clients and more than 7,000 workers around the world.

It is popular among new small start-up businesses to make them listed on the internet. It helps users create professional websites or provide hosting platforms for the already developed websites. GoDaddy’s official website is popular among users to search for available domains.

who is godaddy

Why Does a Business Require a Website?

Even small local companies that just service their immediate area require a web presence. That’s because most individuals start their search for a product or service on the internet. Every firm benefits from having a website:

  1. They need to promote and sell their goods and services via an online store.
  2. Make new connections with potential consumers (and keep existing customers)
  3. Create trustworthiness
  4. Compete with larger corporations
  5. Maintain control over their brand and maintain their marketing up to date by their official website.

Best of all, creating a website is more simple and less expensive than you would imagine. GoDaddy provides a comprehensive set of online tools for constructing websites, as well as hosting, email, and marketing services to help businesses succeed online.

What Does GoDaddy Offer?

GoDaddy is arguably one of the most popular website builder applications for the new age startup businesses. The website menu bar lists easy access to your GoDaddy domain and also the website offers a lot of services related to a website building or a GoDaddy webmail which are discussed as below:

Web Hosting

Basically, web facilitating is a help that sells web server spaces to people and associations empowering them to assemble sites on the server.

The server is fundamentally hardware equipment found somewhere on the planet. All your site records, similar to pictures and code, are stored in the hardware system.

GoDaddy offers four unique kinds of hosting: shared, committed, VPS, and affiliate. They contrast as far as the server space, the framework of the server farm, site the executive level, and extra assets.

Shared hosting as the name suggests is perfect for small scale websites who are not dependent on the server performance as multiple websites share that one single server to provide a cheap hosting service.

VPS hosting is somewhat different as it is configured according to the needs of your websites offering higher performance on the server. Naturally, making it more expensive than shared hosting.

The third hosting would be dedicated hosting which provides the highest performance making it the most expensive one. The server is dedicated to the one and only website that requires hosting. The server range costs from 170$ to 500$.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is optimized to offer users with pre-installed themes and plugins to create professional looking websites.

GoDaddy offers WordPress upgraded shared facilitating administrations, as most well known web facilitating suppliers do. This is great for people who are open to overseeing WordPress sites.

On the off chance that you are contemplating whether WordPress facilitating is superior to an ordinary common facilitating plan: likely not. This specific facilitating administration is intended to make it simple for you to construct and deal with a WordPress site.

Domain Registration

Any website requires a name. The Domain name is the address you type in the search bar to look for the website. A wide range of GoDaddy domains are available for the user to select from.

The internet is filled with domain names ending with the .com extension. But, the extensions are not limited to it, there are plenty of others like .net, .biz, .org and many more.

GoDaddy offers domain protection against dangers, similar as space capturing, inadvertent lapse, and information openness.

E-Commerce Solutions

With GoDaddy, you can make a web-based store site to advance labor and products which will assist you with bringing in loads of cash. You can do an alliance of stores and can advance it on your own site. Furthermore, GoDaddy provides you with the Online Store Website choice where you can make a web-based store through which you can advance and sell your items and administrations online through the web.

GoDaddy’s eCommerce arrangement assists clients with building a web-based store. It’s essentially a mix of GoDaddy’s facilitating plan and a pre-introduced WooCommerce.

Assuming you know nothing about it, WooCommerce is a free WordPress module that changes a normal WordPress site into an internet-based store.

Website Builder

Similar to the name of the feature, GoDaddy provides the user with a website builder tool to create the website they desire with a drag and drop option.

According to GoDaddy, even the finest product will go unsold if shoppers don’t know where to look for it. As a result, it makes it easier for customers to locate items and services. With promotional tools that assist to attract visitors and keep them coming back, give it the attention it deserves.

The feature helps users to avoid the knowledge of programming languages to build a website.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are the certificates for the websites given to prove that the websites are secure.

SSL Certificates are generally denoted by a lock sign near the domain address bar which ensures the security of the user browsing the website.

Professional Email

GoDaddy also offers email customization as per your company profile to make it more professional looking. Eg: You get [email protected] instead of [email protected]

Beginning with GoDaddy Account Login

Now that you have decided if you want to use GoDaddy for your Business Expansion, below is the step-by-step guide to help you login into the system. Let’s get you logged into your GoDaddy Account by below simple steps:

Step 1: Type in the address bar on your web browser.

Step 2: If you already have an account Skip to Step 4. If Not Not, click on the Sign In Dropdown and Press Create an Account.

beginning with godaddy login

Step 3: You can choose between three options provided, Continue with Facebook, Continue with Google or Continue with Email and fill in the necessary details as per your selection.

Step 4: Click the Sign In option on the top most right corner of the website and fill in the credentials as per your respective details.

Step 5: Click on the Sign in Button to sign in GoDaddy and you will be redirected to the dashboard of the website. You are now logged into your GoDaddy workspace.

GoDaddy User Interface

Now that you have logged into the system, you are shown the Dashboard of your profile which will have different aspects of your profile like settings, profile websites and many more.

godaddy user interface

The interface plays an important role in the user experience on the website. The User Interface decides where a user would work on the website forward or not. The menu bar attached shows the shortcuts that keep an user invested.

The interface provided by GoDaddy’s official website ensures the major components are incorporated in the Dashboard of the user for easier account accessing. The components on the menu bar are listed as below :

My Products

This section as the name suggests lists the domain name or the websites purchased by you. The products can be edited as per the user’s convenience further.

The component also includes the option for the user to search for new domains that they can buy for their business and check the availability of the domain names via their preferred payment methods, like credit cards or debit cards.

Account Settings

The section provides the user to interact with their profile settings, payments and billing, order history, changing of password, contact details and many more.

Help Center

GoDaddy offers an award-winning support staff who can answer the queries of the user with ease and help you with your choice of products you wish to buy.

The Support staff is available through Telecommunication, Whatsapp and also through live chat facility. The website has also provided FAQs for user support.


Just like any Cart feature, the Cart tab helps users list the products that they wish to buy and have added to the cart.


Any notification pushed by the GoDaddy website can be accessed through the notification logo of a bell sign. The notification might be order related or any promotional offer or any account related, etc.

Right Drop Down Menu

By clicking your username in the top-right corner, you can access a drop-down menu that contains links to managing your account, accessing the GoDaddy shopping portal, and logging out.

What Makes GoDaddy Stand Out?

GoDaddy has the expertise, technology, and hosting professionals to help web designers, developers, bloggers, and online companies construct and manage their online presence, with over 20 years in the sector.

Their secure web hosting platform, which includes cPanel, provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee and award-winning support to almost 20 million clients worldwide.

GoDaddy provides more than just a platform for you to develop your website; they also provide everything you’ll need to create a successful and memorable online presence. Do you already have a website?

They have hosting plans that will keep it online, fast, and safe. Their professional email aids in the development of a professional image, while their internet marketing tools enable entrepreneurs to launch an SEO-friendly website.

Rather than looking for a domain by itself, you may search for a domain and a term that you want in your domain. The domain supplier GoDaddy will display a comprehensive list of available domains that match your keywords. This Smart Domain Search makes finding the correct domain name for your website easier.

GoDaddy is an all-in-one solution for getting your idea online, supported by GoDaddy Guides’ experienced, customized service. The website also offers affiliate commissions for the user’s experience.

GoDaddy Website Login – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Godaddy good for Web Hosting?

GoDaddy hosting plans provide a variety of useful services, making it one of the finest hosting companies. With its hosting services, the firm offers free DNS, a website builder, and SSL certificates.

Is WordPress free with GoDaddy?

GoDaddy does not provide WordPress for free, but it is far less expensive than other site hosting businesses. Separate WordPress hosting is available from the firm, as opposed to shared hosting.

How much does it cost to have a website on GoDaddy?

GoDaddy offers a wide option regarding and depending upon your choice of business. Whether it’s retail, wholesale, small, medium or big. Every business has different requirements and so does the costing vary depending on the size of services you require.

Is Website Builder free with GoDaddy Hosting?

Yes. In their hosting tiers, GoDaddy includes a free website builder. Your website will have a professional appearance thanks to the GoDaddy website builder.

Thousands of free templates are available to help you construct a visually appealing website. This will allow you to make changes to your website’s design without incurring any further costs.

Why do I need a professional Email?

Here are 5 reasons you should opt for a professional email:

Creates a professional impression

Compare [email protected] and [email protected] . emails like yahoo, gmail makes the company very common and doesn’t make it stand out.

Enhances the value of Brand

A reputed company always brands their own company rather than others. With your own company email address you not only brands your company but advertise it and make people know about it.

Builds Trust and Confidence

Any Business campaign run by won’t have the response as much as your own company email. It is because of the trust that the company generates with its personalized email.

Improves Communication

Professional email will help you to communicate with the company members and improve the quality and efficiency of the communication. Eg: [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected].


GoDaddy is an all-in-one portal to make your path towards digitalization easy. It offers all the needed components in one arena to help people with non technical skills to acquire their space in the digital world.

The all-in-one web tool offers Hosting platforms, Builder tools, buying their personal domain and many more, which are the necessity of a digitized business. The application also gives the chance for affiliate commission to the user for their referral to their colleagues and friends.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, GoDaddy has resolved almost every concern that users have to face including the easy setup of an account. Your GoDaddy account can be set up easily on the GoDaddy platform with either Facebook or Google or even Twitter.


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