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Luxury Heritage Hotels


Luxury hotels put in a lot of efforts to make the stay as comfortable and luxurious as possible for their guests. Toiletries may seem a negligible thing, but they make a great impact on the…

Best Locations to Surf

10 Best Locations to Surf

Maybe you surf, maybe you don’t, but everyone who visits the beach in recent times is sure to be influenced by the culture of surfing. If you’ve ever enjoyed the music of the Beach Boys…


10 Amazing places to visit in Asia

Asia is a must visit continent that should appear in every traveller’s diary. Home to some of the best monuments, lip-smacking food, a variety of spices, flora, fauna, and ethnicity, Asia is every traveller’s delight….

Temple Towns in Maharashtra

Temple Towns in Maharashtra

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra from where you can take on a spiritual journey to several religious places at short distances that are high revered by devotees of Hindu faith. Car rentals…