Best 10+ YIFY Alternatives or YTS Proxy Websites for 2022!


If you are looking for the best alternatives for the YIFY or YTS proxy sites to watch movie, then you are in the right place!

Today people are going crazy about watching movies online by avoiding cinemas. Well, it’s a fact that watching a movie can be costly when it is released and if you miss the premiers, you have to wait for months and sometimes years for it to come and be launched on the TV channels. Now some of us don’t like waiting, and so we start finding different ways to watch movies online.

Why Other Alternates of YIFY or YTS movie website?

Now YIFY is one of the most trusted and top-ranked websites that provide free movie watching facility online. Not only free but new movies are also available on this site. Now you must be thinking after reading the title of the article that why are we looking for YIFY or YTS alternate websites if the YIFY is one of the best sites in the world.

The main reason that we are looking for alternate websites of YIFY is that we have seen and we have received a lot of complaints from our readers that YIFY is not available in their countries. So to solve this issue, we will be looking into some of the best alternatives of YIFY that you can use to watch online movies. Watching movies is very enjoyable and is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people around the world, and we are sure that you are also one of them because you are reading this article too!

Top Reasons Why We Need Alternates Like The YIFY!

First of all, let us talk about the different reasons because of which you need YIFY and other alternate websites! Earlier we told you that it is quite impossible for all of the movie lovers to watch their favorite releases because of expenses and rush issues.

Other than this, some people don’t feel comfortable watching movies in the cinema with other people so they prefer their own private space where they are not bound to sit for three hours straight and can easily do whatever they want during the film. Some people are comfortable watching movies in breaks, and some even hate the interval between the films so whatever your case is it is a fact that we need alternate mediums to watch movies online!

Here we have gathered the top websites that you can use to watch new and old movies absolutely for free at your place in your own comfort zone whenever you like. So let us get started with today’s list!

Top YIFY alternatives or YTS Proxy websites for 2022

123 Movies

The first alternate to the YIFY website in our list is the 123; now this is a movie website that is enjoyed by a lot of people around the world. Now just like other alternatives to the YIFI sites, the 123 has its own perks and features that make it stand out from the rest of the websites.

Now it is a fact that people usually hate advertisements during the use of social media or other internet tools, now if you hate advertising, then the 123 website is the best choice you can make so far. Some people will feel strange about the name of the website, but even if it does have a strange name you must try using it because it is one of the best sites for movies available online!

In 123 movies, not only you can watch movies without ads, but you can also find a great selection of movies and can also get the best information about upcoming seasons and movies for sure. So try 123 movies if you are a true movie lover!

Watch Movies Online, Free!

This website is one of the simplest movie websites available on the internet, just like the name itself is simple and easy to remember, so is the experience of using this website. Although a simple website is not the priority of people who use YIFI sites but still the interface of this website is great, and you can even find movies on the date as same as their release!

Now one of the best features of this website is that it is very easy to navigate, it has very little ads that can easily be blocked once they are pop-up. Then it offers a keyword cloud which makes the search easy and more precise. And then the last and the biggest feature of this website is that it has many streaming channels with all of them having different user experience, so you can choose the best one for you!


Now, this is another website that has managed to make the list of the top alternatives to the YIFI. Some people would simply confuse it with the Netflix application and website but let us clear you that this website is completely different for what Netflix is.

It is one of the only websites that are capable of releasing 4k movies at the earliest. If you are thinking that how can you start using the website then don’t worry the procedure is quite simple, you just have to register yourself with your Google account.

There are many entertainment options available on this website like you can also use it to watch live shows and seasons. You can also download your favorite videos with the help of this website. So it seems like a good offer when it’s free too. You can simply use it on your browser you don’t need anything else to run it.

The Worldtv24

This is yet another website that can be treated as an alternative to the YIFY sites. This website has a strange name too, but with that, it has the best features along with movies availability. Not only it is free but it is also one of the websites that support 4K video downloads.

If you are planning on using this website, then there is good news for you that you can also use it to watch live sports and your favorite channels. You just have to subscribe to your favorite channel lineup, and it will give you the latest updates!


Now, this is a website that has many features but one flaw to it too. The demerit is that you have to face many ads while using this website for sure but if you make yourself comfortable with the use of the website and watching movies with some ads then you can easily enjoy its other features.

This is one of the websites that has the best catalogue and gallery available. You can find movies from almost a century ago on this website and with good quality too. The best part is there is no subscription or registration you just have to open the site type your movie’s name and then you can easily make sure that you enjoy while you watch. If you love short breaks, then the ads will keep you company!


This is yet another website that is on our list of alternate sites. Now you must hook up with this website if you love Netflix. Now as we know that Netflix can be really expensive to use and not all of us can afford it so it is best that we get the best alternative to it and luckily this website is the best alternative we could find for you guys.

You just have to simply register after navigating the site which by the way is very easy to do so. Freeflix does not only offers the series and documentaries which you can only find on Netflix but can also show you a whole new and interesting catalogues for movies. It is one of the only sites which can give you movies on the same date of their release and in good quality too.

If you think that this site must be related to Netflix, then you are wrong because it has a completely different interface and ownership too, so you have to register with it separately. You can also get updates about upcoming movies!

See HD!

The see HD website is one of the best sites for watching HD movies. If you are tired of watching movies with HD quality online, then you are in the right place. It often happens when you find a movie with an HD quality streaming link it gets broken or gives out error but this is not the case if you start using the SEE HD website.


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