3 Reasons You May Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer


Bankruptcy can be a terrifying idea for many.  The idea of being so far in debt that you have to seek legal help for it may be scary: but you shouldn’t shy away from this help if you need it.

Whether you’re behind on debt or in fear of losing your home: these are three times you may need a lawyer on your side.

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding anyone, business, or person should take when they’re unable to pay outstanding debts or obligations.  It gives you the chance to get a fresh start by eliminating all or part of your debt and helping create a repayment plan for whatever amount remains.  This will wreck your credit score, but it’s worth it for anyone who needs help.

1. Large Debts You Can’t Repay

The average American has some form of debt.  If you have an overwhelming amount that’s piling up and leaving you unable to cover it: you’re not alone.  If looking at your bank accounts or at the debt notes leaves you with a deep sense of dread, and you know you couldn’t pay it off in any reasonable way regardless of how much you tried, it could be time to seek a bankruptcy attorney.  These professionals can help guide you out of this situation and help you breathe easily again.

2. Behind on Mortgage and in Foreclosure

Are you behind on your mortgage far enough that you’re in foreclosure?  This is a stressful point to be in because nobody wants to lose their home.  Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to keep your home.  This means you don’t have to fear losing your property, but it’s vital that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible to go over this option and tell you if it works for your situation.

In most bankruptcies, you can keep all of your assets as long as you start the process early enough to ensure you don’t lose your home.

3. Being Harassed By Bill Collectors

Nobody likes to have to deal with bill collectors.  Not only are they persistent, but they can also get mean, and it can feel like you’re getting attacked.  This leads to people avoiding phone calls, not answering their doors, and just letting emails pile up because they can’t bring themselves to look at them.  This is a stressful and isolating way to live and can leave you feeling like you’ve lost control of your life.

If you’re in this stage and terrified, it’s time to talk to a lawyer about what you can do with your situation.

How to Find the Right Lawyer

Finding the right lawyer can be hard to do when you’re already frazzled and stressed about being so far in debt.  Instead of stressing, take it step by step.  Look at what lawyers are available in your area, talk to them about their rates, and look at reviews past clients have left on them.  If they seem like a safe and good choice: hire them!

Bankruptcy Can Be Scary

Bankruptcy is scary to go through, whether this is the first time you’ve been close to it or if you’ve seen a family member struggle with it.  Having a lawyer on your side will make sure everything goes smoothly.


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