How to Unblock YouTube : Video Streaming for Everyone


YouTube blocked by government, your collage or school and you are not able to enjoy your favorite videos. No worry, Here are way to unblock YouTube videos.

YouTube is one of the most famous websites on the internet. Statistics show that it is the second most visited website in the world. It has a larger number of audience compared to other major social websites including Facebook. Even though the site started merely as a video-sharing website, it now has grown big enough to hold a number of communities that are working for different purposes. Essentially, it is an entertainment platform that many audiences visit for accessing entertaining content of various types.

Moreover, artists use the site as a platform for interacting with a vast audience conveniently. Besides that, YouTube is an active educational institute with a good many teachers for almost every subject, and they all teach free of cost. People can learn numerous skills and disciplines from YouTube without paying a penny. Furthermore, YouTube also functions as a marketing platform where businesses can promote their products with paid as well as unpaid marketing strategies.

What are the major causes that can block YouTube for a particular audience?

YouTube is highly popular among an extensive and diversified group of audience who utilise the platform to learn how to cook, how to do makeup, how to program an app, and so much more. Surprisingly, the site depends on its users for all of its content. YouTube channels are also a source of earning for many YouTube channel owners. The channels have separate brand identities just as a commercial brand would have. These channels even have proper logos created by a professional YouTube logo maker that makes them stand out from the competition. With each passing minute, YouTube users upload up to 400 hours of video on YouTube, and billions of other users visit the site to watch the fresh content every day.

Even though the site can be easily accessed by anyone who has a sound internet connection, there are situations when people cannot access the site even with the internet connection due to some restriction. This can be a frustrating situation especially for those who regularly use YouTube, and that is why this blog is presenting the readers with the possible solutions for such cases. However, if you are a curious one and want to know the causes for the block, let us mention a few possible causes first!

Ban Imposed by the Government!

Some countries in the world have imposed a complete ban on YouTube in order to stop their population from being influenced by the political narratives of the international world. Many countries have introduced local alternatives to YouTube where the content is controlled by the government and does not have such wide variety of content. Sometimes countries do not block the entire site and choose to prevent a particular type of content. No matter what is the cause, if you want to access the YouTube in a country where it is banned without being caught, the blog has the details of the procedure through which you can access YouTube.

Blocking enforced by the School

Sometimes the block is not implemented at such a broad level, and it is just a case of maintaining discipline in a school building. School administrations block YouTube in order to make the students focus on the studies and eliminate the chances of students watching YouTube during lectures.

Blocked by Your manager

Offices also block YouTube in order make sure none of the employees wastes their work hours on YouTube or any other social site. This reduces distractions and enhances productivity as well. Thus, this is an acceptable reason for the blockage. However, YouTube can be a need sometimes as the site is full of amazing tutorials. If you also need to watch something important, you can use the given solution and access YouTube on a particular device.

How to Unblock YouTube with VPN

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, and it can help you bypass the restrictions and access YouTube from the locations where it is blocked. VPN is an application that baffles the receiving website by masking your IP address and making you appear from some other area or another device. This is a very effective way of accessing any blocked site without being caught. They can fling admin permissions and parental controls aside without causing any hassle. There are a number of VPN providers on the internet, and you can choose to use any of them. However, here are a few points that you should look for while selecting a VPN to use for unblocking YouTube or any other blocked site.

  • VPN should be strong enough to counter the restrictions with ease and bypass all the hurdles in its way.
  • The speed of the VPN should be fast, and it should provide the user with a reliable and secure service.
  • Your chosen VPN provider should be trustable, and it should encrypt the data passed and received through it.
  • The App that it provides should be suitable for all kind of devices including mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.
  • The service should be appropriate for HD streaming as well.

After finding a VPN with these specifications, you need to know how to set it up for your device. Let us help you with that by describing the procedure.

Step#1: Sign up into the VPN that you have selected and created an account by paying the amount with a proper username and password. Save the username and password.

Step#2: Download the application on the device you want to use. You can check the reviews for the App that you are planning to download before downloading it.

Step#3: After installing the app, run it by using your username and the password.

Step#4: choose a server that has good speed and is close enough. The location that you will choose will become your IP address.

Step#5: The procedure is complete. Test it by trying to open YouTube. If you still fail to access the site, try refreshing or opening a new tab in the browser.


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