Top 15+ Sites Like 123Movies to Watch Music Movie Online in 2024


I have tested more than 60 free movie and video streaming websites and listed out the top 15+ best sites like 123Movies for 2024 to watch music movies online.

Do you like to stream movies and watch music movies online? Well, now you can.  Here are the top 15 sites that are like 123Movies that are good alternative streaming sites.

123movies Alternative Websites


Vumoo is a free movie and TV show streaming site that has a nice interface, and it doesn’t offer just free streaming, but also free and favorite stuff from there.

It has popular, currently watching, and new releases. You can get information immediately in the movies. Too.


YesMovies is another one that’s like 123Moviesweb, but it comes with a bigger database, streaming speed that’s quick, and fewer advertisements.

It does have movies from different genres and countries that work. Lots of the popular movies and shows are here, along with user-friendly layouts, including the movies, details such as the IMDB rating, and even the length, year, and country, and it is a good site.


Cmovies is the alternative website to 123Movies, and it’s great for online streaming without paying anything. Ti also gives you movies in the US, UK, Canada, India, and so much more, and you can sort movies based on the IMDB rating, country, and drama, and it’s good in terms of streaming quality.

The one issue is that it does sometimes have issues with servers, but because of the many options, it still works like a charm.


YoMovies is a great one for Hollywood, Hollywood Hindi, and Bollywood movies, so if you’re a fan of Indian movies, then this is probably the best one for you. It does have many popular movies and some movies for all ages.

The streaming is quite fast in terms of quality, and you don’t need to worry about signup or downloads.  The interface of YoMovies is quite friendly, and you can find a choice movie within seconds because of the filters.

You also will get the IMDB rating, and the plot description for the movie, making it the ideal choice for those looking to have a superior streaming service for movie watching.


Crackle is an alternative to 123Movies that deserves mentioning, and you can find current movies, shows, and even original media, but you’ll need to stream the content by signing up.

However, the user experience is simple, allowing you to look at items based on the collection, how to navigate the interface, and other such aspects. Almost all the genres are covered and new stuff is updated all the time.

You can use this site, and millions do use this.  There is also an iOs and Android alternative as well, so you can have this while on the go.


This is one of the most amazing websites, and you can stream high-quality sites for free without registration.

The UI and navigation is of the utmost quality, and it has a great and rich library of so many popular titles, including exclusive content that is on its own, similar to how crackle does, and it also has a smartphone and tablet apps too, so you’ll be able to take movies on the go.


Movie4U is a great one that’s similar to 123Movies and is most like it.  it’s got a great and impressive streaming quality and movie collection, and you can watch anything without signing up. It also has Hindi dubbed movies.

You can also filter most of this by the IMDB rating, release year, most viewed, or even the top movies currently, and it’s literally one of the best 123Movies alternatives out there.  There are usually multiple movie URLs for many to use.


Bmovies is another option that works without needing download or registration, and it provides high-quality movies.  there’s a lot of similar sites to this one, but there are way fewer ads on this one.

This one, however, I do suggest getting an ad blocker so that you can watch movies without any problems, and it can help with the experience.

It does have movies sorted by country, the top ones, most watched, genres, and so many others. The streaming is of the utmost quality, and the movie collection is very good, with many found in HD.


Niter is similar to 123movies in that you can find most of this for free. You do need to create an account to steam on this, but the site is clear, and it has a database that’s updated frequently, as movies are released.

Any movies recently added are right on the homepage, and you can look in this to find a large, high-quality collection of movies, along with a simple interface and other aspects. it’s a great alternative, and it’s one of the most popular streaming sites out there.

Solar Movie

Solar Movie is one of the most popular names of streaming sites, and it’s great for anyone looking to have a lot of movie at their fingertips. It is distributed amongst different categories, and it’s great for people to watch movies based on genres and genre lists.

it’s a good one-click streaming service that allows you to not just watch movies, but also the trailers, and lets you look up additional info regarding the show so that you can have some good ideas on what you’re watching.

Amazon Prime

For those looking to watch movies on music amps Melbourne, or their favorite series, then look no further. it’s good as well for movies, series, songs, and even books and more. it’s got great streaming quality, and it is available for free to those who have Amazon Prime, and you even get free delivery on items.

It allows for you to save money on shopping for items, and you get a collection of prime originals. You won’t’ have to wait for other movies, songs, or books as well, making it even better.


Fmovies is an alternative for 123Movies that you probably know. it’s good for streaming movies and shows, and the cool thing is, you don’t even need to create an account, so you can sign up anytime. it’s great for downloading shows and movies, and you can even download these in HD as well.

You can filter all of this as well according to countries, release years, and genres, and it’s good for sharing feedback once you’re done watching a movie as well, to help you not just with your own experience, but to help with the experience of other users as well.


Showbox is a very flexible site, with no bounds for watching and downloading movies and series.

Users have the option to watch videos online, or download and save for later, which creates a simple and attractive interface with some graphics that stand out, which makes it user-friendly to anybody that uses it without snags.

Users have the chance to select the quality of the movies, that are ranging from HD to anything that’s a bit lower for the capacities of their internet.

You can get these for the device that you want, and you don’t need to sign up, register, or do any surveys.  You can search, and from there begin with it.

The shows and the movies are all put together in an efficient manner that lets you filter through these in less time.  you’ll be able to hit a whole new world of entertainment that you haven’t explored before!


Vexmovies is another amazing alternative to 123Movies, and it’s simple, from the home page down to the bottom. It also doesn’t have ads, so you just click on the movies, press play,and let it load.

You can also adjust the screen resolution up t about 1080p, and you can move forward to watch it on full screen. It’s a great website that works with the mobile browser, and it’s a good recommended one, and ad-free as well.


Finally, you have WatchFree, and this is essentially a mix of both shows and movies, and it allows for you to get content for free, whether it be movies or TV shows.

it’s like CouchTuner in that it doesn’t own the database or host videos and files, but instead, give you the links to get this.

It has a large collection of practically every type of show and movie out there, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to have this, for TV show lovers and serious movie buffs, and it even includes an intuitive interface.

There aren’t any insane widgets out there or any confusing options. it’s all there, and you can from there, choose the options that you want, and you’ll feel it working immediately.

When it comes to finding alternatives to 123Movies, you can see here that there are so many out there it’s not even funny.

So if you’re stumped on what you need next, or what you should be going for, check these out, for it allows for some quality streaming, and some amazing results from the resources you’ve provided, and some great means to watch some of the content that you want.  The options are out there for music and movie buffs, you just need to find them.


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