Top Best Alternatives 2024 – Sites Like Putlocker and SolarMovie

Are you finding websites like Here are list of best Putlocker Alternatives website for 2024.


Are you finding websites like Here are list of best Putlocker Alternatives website for 2024.

Putlocker is a very well known site in terms of video streaming. There are other sites like, and more which are as capable as the former one but less popular than this.

Whilst the matter is open for discussion, many countries consider sites like Putlocker to be in breach of copyright law and users can therefore face repercussions. For that reason, users are advised to take steps to protect their online privacy and hide their identity when using the site.

As the site links to external streams there is a chance of users falling victim to VarianceTV viruses, malware, and other security threats from those links. Users should therefore also take sensible online security steps when using the site.

The way in which people digest media has changed beyond all recognition even in the last five years. The days of pouring over the TV listings to find out when the shows you want to watch are on and dashing down to Blockbuster on a Friday night to rent your favourite movie are now firmly in the past.

Today, we get pretty much all of our media online. A quick glance at the music charts shows that almost every entry on the list is dominated by download and streams. More and more TV shows are being released whole series at a time online. Indeed, online streaming services are even commissioning their own shows these days.

It seems like the new movie streaming sites offer the perfect solution for everyone. There is just one problem and that is the price. Almost all of these movies streaming sites charge a subscription fee for access to their content. And for many people that is too much.

For other users, who perhaps only want to watch things occasionally, or are just obsessive about one or two shows, it seems like rather a rip off to have to shell out the full subscription fee when you only want to access one or two shows.

Then there are the geographic restrictions that are put on these services, which means if you are a subscriber in one country, you cannot access any content as soon as you cross the border into another country.

The world is getting smaller and smaller and more people are travelling for work, or travelling abroad on holiday than ever before. And these people want to be able to access their media content while they are there rather than rely on the limited hotel TV offerings.

It is this demand which has seen the rise of free, globally available sites which also stream all the popular media you can access on these subscription sites. And one of the most well-known of these is called Putlocker. Recently it changes, here is new website like putlocker for watch movies and TV shows –

What is Putlocker – Popular Free Movie Streaming Website?

Putlocker is a website which holds an online index of hosted media files including television shows, movies, and music. The site itself does not host any of the content that users can stream, but it rather enables users to find and access files which are hosted elsewhere.

Putlocker began in the UK as and its popularity grew quickly. In early 2012, it was averaging about 800,000 visitors a day, but this doubled after Megaupload, a similar site, was shut down. This was due to alleged copyright infringement, although the shutdown was entirely voluntary. Here is new sites like putlocker for watch movies and TV shows –

However, the growth in users, which had peaked in 2016, with Putlocker being ranked as one of the 250 most-viewed sites on the internet, and top 150 in the USA, also led to putlocker receiving similar unwanted attention.

Various attempts have been made to get putlocker shut down or blocked over the years, which has seen the sites URL changing several times.

They first moved to, but this site was seized by the UK’s  Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit in June 2014. They Buy a domain name again and The site then moved onto an Icelandic domain as However, since October 2016, this URL has just displayed an error message. This happened around the time that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a trade body which represents the major Hollywood studios, reported the site to the Office of the United States Trade Representative. then began working again, forwarding users to, but this site was also swiftly seized after a ruling by a Tribunal d’arrondissement of Luxembourg in a case brought by the Belgian Entertainment Association.

This led to beginning to work again, but this soon began forwarding users to a scamming site. The latest URLs which are reported to work at the time of writing are believed to be, which is located in Serbia and, which is again located in Iceland.

Is Putlocker illegal? 

At first glance, this looks to be a simple yes or no question. And if you have read any of the above, you will probably hazard a guess that the answer is no. But actually, it is a far more complicated question to answer than that.

Many countries, such as the USA, UK, and the EU, and therefore ISPs within those countries, do consider Putlocker to be a site which is in breach of copyright law. It is not unusual for ISPs to send out copyright infringement notices to users who have watched movies and TV shows on Putlocker. However, I have never heard of any stronger legal action being taken.

This is probably because of the way in which users watch media on Putlocker. If you are taking in a movie via Putlocker, you are streaming content which is hosted elsewhere rather than downloading content onto your device. And in the eyes of the law in the USA, Europe, and many other countries, this is a crucial difference.

This is because the US Copyright Office has been clear in their guidance that if a reproduction cannot be copied, perceived or communicated, then no legal violation has occurred. The laws in the EU have a similar definition, although current cases involving the Kodi media player and its add-ons have muddied the water there a little.

But most legal experts would say that under the current law in the USA and the EU, streaming content cannot leave the person watching it in breach of the law. The person who uploaded the file is the one responsible for it and therefore in breach of copyright law. The question of whether the site itself is in breach of the law is also debatable, but many courts have ruled against Putlocker on this point.

Having said that, it is important to inject a word of caution at this juncture. Because streaming content is not as simple as just watching it on a website. In some cases, online streaming can create a temporary file on the user’s computer.

These temporary files are contentious and another area where the law in the USA and the EU are yet to reach a consensus. Some courts have ruled that these files constitute a download and therefore leaves a user in breach of copyright laws. Others have disagreed.

All of which means there is no definitive answer to this question. Whether Putlocker is legal or illegal depends very much on where you are and what you are doing on the site.

If you are streaming content and can be sure that files are not being stored on your device, you are most likely not breaking the law. But if you are downloading, uploading, or sharing content from the site, most courts of law will probably conclude that you are.

Is Putlocker safe?

Again, this is a question which requires a more thorough answer than simply yes or no.

The view of people who regularly use Putlocker is that it is. One feedback site found that 79% of regular users found the site to be trustworthy while 73% also felt it was a site safe for children to use. To some people, these might not seem to be particularly high results, but for a site which links to such a broad range of content, it is actually pretty good and certainly beats many of their closest competitors. We have a list of websites like putlocker.

But that doesn’t mean that users should rest on their laurels because sites like Putlocker can on occasion present a number of security issues that users should at least be aware of.

Malware: Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it is important to talk about Malware. Putlocker itself does not host the content that users are watching and therefore cannot be 100% certain about the safety of the files being watched.

As we noted above, even if you are just streaming a film, it is possible that it may download temporary files onto your device and it is therefore also possible that malware and other malicious content could be transmitted as well.

Users are advised to look at content feedback on the page and take all the usual steps to protect themselves from such threats, as we shall discuss in a little more detail below.

Mirror Sites: As Putlocker has been forced to change URLs fairly frequently, there are a number of different addresses that users will find purporting to be Putlocker.

Some of these will be old addresses that no longer work, but others may be fake addresses which have been set up by hackers to try and lure Putlocker users and then trick them into downloading malware and other malicious software. Many of these sites are identical to the real thing, and some will even stream content in the same way, but its whats going on behind the scenes which is the real threat.

Users should always seek to use the latest official Putlocker URL (see above) and if that stops functioning in the future, do their research carefully before opting for another URL. Putlocker will move to another site, but many other fake ones may also spring up at the same time.

Pop-Ups: One common complaint about Putlocker is the number of pop-up adverts that the site generates. This is how the operators of the site make money from it, but they are at best annoying and at worst dangerous.

There have been prior reports of Putlocker pop-ups leading to dodgy sites, adult sites, and sites which are not safe.

The best way to counter this is to have a pop-up blocker enabled as well as the usual security software.

Forced Redirecting: As well as pop-ups, there have also been reports of Putlocker links redirecting users to external sites. Again, some of these sites have contained inappropriate content or been potentially dangerous to users.

As with pop-ups, the usual security software should stop these sites from opening, but it is none the less important for users to be careful.

Unnecessary downloading: Some users have also reported that Putlocker has either tried to persuade or at times even forced, users to utilize their downloader tool unnecessarily.

As we have noted above, downloading any content from Putlocker is not advised as it is quite likely to constitute an illegal act. But just as importantly, the likelihood is that you are going to downloading more than just the media files you want to watch.

The usual security software should stop any malicious content from downloading and activating, but our advice would be for all Putlocker users to refrain from downloading any content from the site.

But for all that, our advice would be that when used cautiously, and with the correct security software in place, Putlocker can be an excellent site to use and should be safe.

Security Tools to use with Putlocker

When it comes to ensuring your privacy and anonymity when using Putlocker, there is one tool which is head and shoulders above the rest and which all Putlocker users should be running. I will come to that in a moment.

Firstly, there are a number of tools which should be employed purely and simply for security purposes and to address the potential safety issues we have discussed above. They are:

Anti-Virus Software: A piece of professional anti-virus software is a must for all internet users these days, but especially those who make use of sites like Putlocker. Because there is the possibility of Malware and other malicious software being downloaded from the site, it is vital to have a tool which can identify such files and stop them executing on your device and damaging your hardware or data.

We would usually suggest you go for one of the bigger market names as they have more comprehensive databases of blacklisted content. But whichever provider you go, it is vital you ensure the databases are always kept up-to-date. Make sure updates are downloading automatically to ensure you always have the best protection possible.

Ad-Blocker: The biggest reported problem with Putlocker has been around unwanted adverts, so having a good ad-blocker running on the site should keep these to a minimum.

There have been reports that the site tries to get users to disable their ad-blocker at times.

This shouldn’t happen, but if it does users should be very wary of doing so and look for an alternative route to the content they want to view.

Pop-Up Blocker: Many users have moaned about the pop-up adverts on Putlocker, so an effective pop-up blocker can be used to stop this irritating issue from affecting your enjoyment of the site.

With those three tools in place, using Putlocker should be a safer and less irritating experience.

But these are another tool which should be essential for all Putlocker users.

This does not mean that they lack somewhere in showcasing best of the movies and TV shows to the users.

Keeping in mind about the same, I am presenting you one of the best websites like which are going to become your best friends very soon.

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Top 10 Sites like Putlocker to watch Movies Online

In the case of going Putlocker down or other issues, these free movie sites like Putlocker are going to be a great companion for you.

Below are Some other Search variations which are used by people to find Top Best Free sites like Putlocker

Top Best Alternative Sites like SolarMovie to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Alternative Sites like Megashare to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Alternative Sites like MovieNight to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Alternative Sites like FlixBreak to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Alternative Sites like Channel 131 to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Alternative Sites like WatchMoviesFree to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Alternative Sites like Moviefone to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Alternative Sites like GoMovies to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Alternative Sites like Yes Movies to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Alternative Sites like New Movies Online to Watch Movies Online

1. Megashare

Megashare is one of those sites like Putlocker and SolarMovie which is no new name in the online media streaming world. You are going to find a great mixture of movies and TV shows on this site. The site is well functioned and fully loaded with required features.

Megashare is a great platform for uploading and sharing your own movies and other files on this platform. It even has old classic movies uploaded on its site.

Another interesting stuff that you will like about such sites like is its superb collection of movies running in series. They are very well categorized on the basis of different genres. Megashare is one of the largest platforms for browsing movie and TV shows.

It has got your back well in soap opera region too. You can find your favorite shows easily on this site. This means, the site is well deserved to be on the number 1 spot in this list.

2. MovieNight

MovieNight is a simple website used for watching multiple movies and TV shows online. This can be another choice for the list of sites like  SolarMovie and The best part of MovieNight is that it does not charge any sort of amount (rental or owning) from the users to watch any media file on its page.

Although the things that you will find a bit annoying out here is the ads. Yes, you are going to witness a lot of ads in between the movie streaming or TV shows streaming.

However, they share a disclaimer on their site that if you would share what you are watching then all the ads will be disappeared for 24 hours. I guess that is not a bad deal especially when you are watching some great flicks on this platform.

There are various sections provided both for movies as well as TV shows which will help you to guide towards leisure watching experience. You can refine your search with the help of Genres provided.

Although, the database on MovieNight is not as vast as Putlocker but this will work as the decent lukewarm for you.

3. FlixBreak

FlixBreak is a kind of sober approach towards online video streaming. You can try out this site for watching the latest and trending movies. It also have some not so old movies too but it lacks the ultra-rich content yet.

FlixBreak is one of the simplest kind of alternatives sites Putlocker. You would be really sad to know that it does not feature any sort of TV shows on its site.

However, the movies are pretty good and you are surely going to love the content of them. There are basically two sections. One is for the latest releases and another one is a section which belongs to the random content. The site lacks deep filtering though.

The continuously running slideshow of movies is going to attract you. If not old, then you are surely to find some really good recent flicks out here on such sites like Putlocker and SolarMovie. The site is absolutely free to access and there is no need to even create any profile on it.

At last, search out the movies that you want to watch and enjoy a good show in good quality.

4. SolarMovie

Don’t get confused because Solarmovie has other websites too but you will find this one better and authenticated. Solarmovie is famous and renowned in the online browsing of movies and TV shows and there is no doubt in the fact that it is obviously one of the best choice for sites like

I am starting to describe the site by the kind of genres it provides for both movies and TV shows. You can free to choose from genres like action, Sci-Fi, Japanese, Romantic, Thriller and this makes a total of more than 30 types.

Of course, the site is rich in content and that does not let down its quality too. You should also know that Solarmovie does not contain any file on its server and derive it from a third party server.

Although the registration on this site is optional but I would prefer you to go for it for a better experience of accessing this site. From animated to classic old movies you will find everything on this site which is worth watching

5. Channel 131

Channel 131 may seem like being showcased straight out of a black and white world but don’t go on its presentation. The site is really good, very easy to access and the content is pretty good too. One of the best choice you can make in the list of sites like, SolarMovie, WatchMoviesFree and that too for TV shows in particular.

Channel 131 is more like a list of the TV shows arranged by their episodes and seasons. They have made no efforts in making the site too much of a light show.

Hence, they rather went for a simple yet well-arranged scenario on their site. The site lacks a good collection of movies but you can surely find a bunch of them uploaded on the site. What you get as an additional bonus is the music on this site.

When you click over a TV show, you will probably get four to five links of the same episode. You can pick whatever link you think is suitable with the system and continue to enjoy the show.

6. WatchMoviesFree

Get ready to witness one of the largest entertaining databases after Putlocker itself. WatchMoviesFree is one of those sites like Putlocker and SolarMovie which will neither disappoint you in terms of movie collection and nor in terms of TV shows and series.

There are like multiple genres from which you can choose your pick in both the movies and TV shows category. There are options like action, game-show, documentary, music, western, history etc.

In fact, not only genres, but you also get to choose the movies of various countries too. This means WatchMoviesFree keeps an eye on multilingual movies and that means taking care of a really large audience across the world.

Amongst all the sites like Putlocker, you are going to fall for the collection of this particular site. The site is really well-maintained and you can see updates on the daily basis too. On the basis of the years, you can find the movies until year 2000 too.

Apart from the movies and TV shows, you also get to know about the different news regarding entertainment world. All these features make this site a really must to explore for all the users.

7. Moviefone


Rather than being a site, Moviefone is a lot like a service to the people who love watching movies and TV shows. Missed an episode or missing the old shows? Well, now you can watch them on Moviefone and that too totally free of cost.

The sign up is optional but if you want to stay updated with their recent posts and news then you must subscribe to them via sign up.

Moviefone is one of those sites like SolarMovie and Putlocker which continuously tries to grow as a massive platform. This is the reason you will find this site continuously evolving and developing. Although it has been successful 25 years of journey for this site but it is still trying to update itself for its users.

You can also watch trailer of new movies out here along with some interesting movie news too. You can not only stream the movies and TV shows here but also can share them on other social media platforms too. This site is no less than a wonder world for the movie and soap opera buffs.

8. GoMovies

Want to see the latest movies and television shows and series on a site without even paying anything? GoMovies can be your solution to this problem. Be it the most recent releases of the year, or some old classic flicks of all time. GoMovies has got you covered in each and every little section.

This is a great choice for the list of alternatives sites SolarMovie and Putlocker. However, the only thing you can find a bit odd on this site is ads. Yes, you would have to deal with them while streaming.

But as far as the video quality is concerned, you get the best of it through the multiple streaming links of this site. However, they do not contain any of the content on their page and rather derive it from third-party media.

There are certain sections like featured, most viewed and Top rating movies. It will help you to give some good suggestions for the movies to be watched. The same thing you get with popular shows too. In the list of sites like, GoMovies is surely one outstanding option that you can have.

9. Yes Movies

YesMovies is an option in which you can finally say ‘Yes’ to massive entertainment and fun. This is one of the outstanding choice in the category of sites like Putlocker, SolarMovie, New Movies Online and rich enough in content to feature almost every trending and classic media on its site.

The site follows multiple parameters while listing out the movies and TV shows. You can filter out them on the basis of genres, ratings, years, quality etc. You can mostly find movies in HD quality on this platform.

Talking about their content then you can find almost each and every amazing movie that you want to see on this site easily. You can either pick the filters or directly go for the search bar to browse what you want to see.

Along with keeping up with the recent flicks and old classics, the site takes care of the future opportunities too. They features the upcoming releases on their site through the slideshow. You can also request to them about the movies or show you want to watch or you are looking forward to.

10. New Movies Online

In the list of sites like SolarMovie, Putlocker it is the time to fall in love with new movies online. Be it movies, TV shows, various movie and soap opera series or documentaries, New Movies Online will not disappoint you in any of the era.

The best part of this site is its deep filtering. No matter if it is listed on the last in this list, but it does not lack in some amazing features just like other sites in this list.

Just like other sites like Putlocker listed out here, they also do not have any content on their site and the streaming is derived from the third party.

The site is just amazing in all the terms. You can watch various movies on this site which are in different languages. However, you are provided with proper subtitles so that you feel no issues in browsing the movies and TV shows on this site.


This is good to have some alternatives to see varying databases and different results. It will keep the users entertained and satisfied. All these like sites are as great as the former and will not disappoint you at all.

All of them are totally free to browse but some of the policies may differ on the basis of the uses. You can pick the one you like and you are going to have the best time while watching your favorite shows and movies on such sites like



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