Yoga Teacher training

Best Yoga Teacher Training School In India

Yoga teacher training is the stepping stone towards the majestic journey of yoga and a right school is required for the successful completion of the program. Explore the blog to discover the most promising traits…

Hair Care

How to maintain your hair at night?

Every single woman I know dreams of waking up with studio ready, no mess, no fluff, Hollywood style extension hair. Unfortunately, that never happens; but fortunately, it can if you follow these 9 simple but…

Magnesium - A Miracle Mineral

Magnesium – A Miracle Mineral

Scientists are often very wary of calling a particular nutrient “the miracle nutrient”. This is because as far as we know there is no one ingredient in foods that provide all of our health needs….


IVF has Evolved over the Period

In today’s digital era, delayed marriage and delayed child birth are quite common. Age, being a major factor that hinders fertility is not confined to women alone. Innumerable factors in men and women contribute to…

No Picture

Why use slimming corsets over medicines?

Slimming corsets are the latest rage in the world of ‘fitness’ fashion. Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Nicki Minaj cannot stop raving about the benefits of waist training and they are in the…

Improve Health

6 Changes to Make to Improve Your Health Today

Everyone wants to be better which also means everyone wants to get healthier. However, making drastic changes in your lifestyle and daily habit can be incredibly challenging. Too many people feel overwhelmed by what they…