Be Comfortable and Stylish at the Same Time: The Right Way to Mix and Match Prints


Fashion is fun especially in mixing and matching the prints and the textures of your clothes, which is very fabulous. It is fascinating in a sense that it brings a personal approach to your dressing style. This technique is useful and at the same time risky because you are trying to experiment with your outfits.

Apparently, playing with prints is a daunting task, because sometimes it gives you good and bad results. It’s the reason why most people do not like this kind of experimentation. But worry no more as you can fabricate your style through mix and match technique.

So, here are the right ways in mixing and textures patterns:

Do Adjust the Size and Patterns

One fundamental rule to create a good balance to your outfits is to have a strategy that will work if you comprehend the harmony between scales, themes of the patterns, hues, and colors. When you’re blending particular patterns, search for a relationship between them. It could be the shading, shape or the outline.

It’s worth reviewing that prints engage with your body shape. Even horizontal lines can make your figure look huge while vertical lines do the opposite. Little prints make you look simple, while bigger patterns are also affecting you to look very large and overwhelming.

In this way, wear clothes with patterns to upgrade your best asset. Try not to wear large prints on the part of the body that you need to show, and abstain from having two different prints to avoid a haphazard look. Wearing two different patterns would appear as though you’re trap between two fashion trends and just can’t move on from them.

There are numerous methods for blending prints to look clean and not overpowering. The key is to stick with two prints and combine your outfit with accessories such as a bag, belt, jewelry, and shoes. On the other hand, you may also blend two comparative scaled prints as long as you split it up with something strong.

Be Creative With Surface and Pattern Blending

The feel of the textures can also give an alternate measurement to an outfit, and by blending two unique textures, you will effortlessly add instant drama to your overall look. For instance, silky, blossom printed blouse coordinated with slim flower pants can make a significant style and extraordinary design expression. The combination of silk and pants is both sweet and intense.

Another good practice is to match a thick blend sweater with pencil skirt alongside other patterns and components to complete the whole look.

You may combine your floral dress with a spotted sweatshirt that has a couple of hues on the skirt or cigarette pants coordinated with kimono top in various colors to make a balanced look. But make sure that they share a similar color scheme. You can also mix and match different hues and prints to accomplish those gorgeous, tailored outfits.

Prints and patterns in blending with similar hues

Having a blending pattern and designs with comparable shading is an incredible approach to begin, particularly for those individuals who aren’t sure with their combination. Your pattern and design should belong to the same shade to accomplish an exquisite and elegant balance.

For instance, if your top is blue and white, your skirt ought to have some blue on it or anything that is similar and comparable. Having the same shading on your outfit will give you an extraordinary look.

If you have fears in combining and consolidating some striking colors, you can utilize some essential, basic colors for a starter. Neutral colors can help you deliver simpler blend since this type of colors has a high contrast, dark color, dim and are versatile to the point that works with practically anything.

Patterns blending with the same feature design

Another choice is to pick one design that truly amazes you and matched it with another pattern that is somewhat more subtle, more essential and lighter. This feature print can be vibrant and significant, super-bold, with many hues and even with occupied prints.

A recent decision is to choose stripes with something striking. Stripes, dabs, or ginghams are those original prints that are very flexible to join effortlessly. You may likewise utilize “a similar shading family” procedure to maintain a strategic distance from the overpowered look.

Blending with the same theme

Floral with floral, Stripes with stripes, a leopard with leopard, monochromatic with monochromatic, etc., are bounty alternatives of prints combining to pull off. In any case, make an effort not to go too matchy-matchy, particularly on using the same pattern that you utilize.

Comparable spotted patterns on head and toe will give you an excessive mold of rules and patterns. It’s exhausting and isn’t energizing to take a look. You can simply include a different style by wearing distinctive sorts of prints and surfaces in spite of wearing the same outfit.

Patterns mixing with printed t-shirt

There are so many t-shirts or shirts that come with a theme or funny pictures. For this kind of printed shirt, combine it with other printed items that have a similar theme or color tones. Here, you can make your very own style that is more easygoing, charming and chic.

Play with surfaces and hues that you think your shirt looks excessively basic and dull. By following this kind of steps, it will give you an idea to create something new combination of colors.

Blending with embellishments

Making the patterns of blending isn’t synonymous with the meaning of joining two different garments. You are also permitted to choose an extra distinctive print in your outfit. Printed shoes, packs, scarves, hosiery, or cardigans can be a decent and good to join with one of your printed outfits.

On the other hand, having an essential accessory can likewise be a proper decision to give and somewhat more majestic style when your whole look will get printed already.

Get the extents right

To keep your prints from conflicting and to get an agreeable look, let your print overwhelm and have the other in a substantially smaller dosage. For instance, in case you’re wearing a very dominant print as a curiously large coat, the reciprocal print can be shorts. Combine these with a high shading frill which is a shading found in the coat and the shorts.

Use Different Types of Patterns

When blending designs, try to pick a few distinct types and models. You may combine stripes with polka dabs, or polka dabs with florals only to ensure that each example in particular.

Various patterns of a similar type confuse our eye, which pauses for a minute to enlist that the patterns are comparative yet not alike. Be that as it may, changing patterns are in a flash recognizable, making a clear difference and bringing about a crisp and all the more outwardly fascinating outline.

Work with inverse colors

You can try to incorporate inverse colors to your outfit. For instance, try wearing a white clothing with black stripes alongside a black clothing which has white stripes.

Let no pattern stand alone

Patterns are a pack components. Together they create an impression, however, when alone, they tend to lose all sense of direction in the blend. It is particularly valid in some designs that incorporate more than one pattern of selection.

To settle on beyond any doubt that each design puts forth a strong expression, you’ll need to include some various circumstances all through space. Go for no less than three or four uses for every pattern. For instance, you could arrange your outfit for the day with your weather, and utilize a similar texture to make a compliment.

Match colors for entirely different print patterns

If the colors look perfect together, most likely the prints will also complement each other. However, it will still matter according to your preference. You can go with black and white since they fit with everything.

You can also match various print patterns but make sure it has the same hue. It means that if the prints you wish to coordinate have several prints like what you would discover if you blend a Woodin non-metallic little print with a major pattern like Woodin metallic creature print. For you to get the best blending impact, the two textures must have the same shading on any women’s clothing.

Presently you are now prepared to blend and match prints like a master.


The key lead is to ensure that you don’t put an excessive number of prints through your entire outfit. Give your outfit some rest by separating it into essential, intense colors, particularly if the two blending prints are energetic and vibrant. If your garments have print and patterns on it, consolidate it with fundamental embellishments and necessary accessories it will help you to enhance your outfit.

In case you are new at blending your prints, don’t stress. There are so many simple approaches to begin. Never fear. Hope is on the way. Mixing patterns is much easier than you may think.  


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