20+ Best Free Fashion Apps You Need on Your Phone in 2024


Are you Fashion Lover? You Should Install Best Free Fashion Apps on your phone. Here are 20+ Best Free Fashion Apps for 2024.

There’s no bad fashion. There’s just what you call a subjective idea to define the word fashion. What’s a good fashion style for you might not be the same to others and vice versa. Since your fashion style speaks of your personality, you tend to make your wardrobe meet the current fashion taste of the society.

Dressing up isn’t easy. It’s not just putting on the clothes of your choice. If you’re planning to attend a particular occasion, you need to consider the weather, the purpose, and venue of the event, your skin color, as well as your body figure before deciding on what to wear.

To help you out, take your cue from the following fashion apps to help you come up with your decision.



When you’re planning to buy a new set of wardrobe, the app is for you. The app helps you find the stores that sell the particular clothes or dresses of your choice. Instead of searching the internet for different websites, the app will help you find what you’re looking for according to your fashion preferences.

ShopStyle is also giving you updates for the current fashion trends and the best deals from various fashion designers. It also sends you notifications that a particular fashion item becomes available in the market and ready for purchase.

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The app is also a big help in arranging your entire closet. It helps you match clothes, dresses, and even shoes with different colors and styles. Take photos of your wardrobe and upload in the app. The app will do the organization and matching thing for you. It’ll let you see how a red dress works with black heels before wearing them.

Furthermore, StyleBook has a feature that will tell you how many times you have used a particular piece of fashion in a month. It’ll make you sure that you’re not using the same clothes or dresses again and again. For anyone who loves to be on a fashion trend, it’s not a good idea to wear repeated outfits.

PS Department

The app serves as your best fashion buddy. It gives you a chance to purchase a particular item which is still about to be available in the market. When it is, you’ll be the priority in making your order to continue the transaction.

Just key in the fashion item you want in the app, and the personal fashion stylists will answer your questions and respond to your fashion needs. They will give you pieces of advice and helpful suggestions too.

Stitch Fix

stitchfix - Best Fashion Apps

If you’re a busy person at school, work, or even doing your business and you don’t have ample time to go shopping yourself, Stitch Fix app best fits for you. You need to create an account and complete your profile to help the app filter the fashion items of your taste.

Stitch Fix is a fashion online shopping platform. You purchase order online, and the app processes the transaction for you until your order reaches your doorstep by a courier. If you happen that you aren’t satisfied with what you’ve got, you can always request for a replacement. No worries, deliveries and returns are on the house.


Tradesy - Best Fashion App

The app has something new to offer to anyone who loves fashion. If you have a fashion item that you want to sell online, take a photo of that item, give it a price, and upload it on Tradesy. If a prospective buyer purchases your item, Tradesy will provide you with a kit for you to send your item to the buyer’s shipping address.

The app takes a percentage of your earnings. You’ll be receiving the rest of your money in a Tradesy cash form. You can use it to buy clothes and fashion accessories from Tradesy.


Spring is also a fashion online shopping platform. Once you transact orders online, a courier will deliver your items in your mailbox. The application is so convenient to use and very user-friendly. The app is so helpful to those busy people. With one click of their fingers, they will receive their new set of wardrobe.

Spring has many different brands from different fashion designers and stylists. The app also sends notifications to the app user about the latest release as well as the available items which once out of stock before.


Etsy_best fashion apps

A lot of people are now using Etsy application. It’s also an online shopping platform. The app has millions of items to offer online from different artists, designers, stylists, and other fashion fanatics. If you want new clothes and beautiful dresses for any occasion, Etsy has a lot of options for you.

If you want to buy a new set of jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, the app will help you out choose the best one. For the latest trend of styles and brands of watches that you can see at any website, Etsy application will help you filter the options for you to find the best choice.


poshmark - Best Fashion app

The app is intended for sellers and buyers of wardrobe. If you have clothes, dresses, shoes, or accessories that you don’t use often or you don’t need anymore, take a photo, price and upload them in Poshmark. After that, interested buyers will contact you online.

For those who want to buy new things for their closets, they can find anything they want in the app to purchase. If a buyer ordered something in the app, Poshmark would process the payment as well as the delivery of the items to the buyer’s shipping address.

The app gives a chance for the sellers to let go of the things that don’t work for them anymore and let others enjoy them instead.


Feedly is an app for current news and updates. There are news sources, blogs of different personalities, and various websites that you may follow. You will encounter a lot of topics in the app including fashion.

It has integration with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and the like. If you want to know more in the fashion world, the app, as well as the integrated social media sites, will provide you with the information you need with just one click of your fingers.


For shoe collectors or footwear fanatics, Stylect is the app for you. The app helps you get rid of spending too much time going to the shopping malls to buy a new pair of shoes. It’ll allow you to purchase shoes of your style and color with just one click.

The app houses a variety of shoes in different colors, designs, sizes, and brands that you can choose based on your preference. For those out-of-stock items, you can make a wish-list. If they are available again in the future, the app will notify you.


iShoes-best Fashion Apps

The app is also a shoe online shopping marketplace. It gives a comfortable and convenient shopping experience for people who don’t have time for shopping. The iShoes application offers you a lot of shoes from various renowned designers and stylists. It also lets app users connect to the direct retailers to fast-track the transaction.


The next app is another platform for online fashion shopping. There’s a short quiz that you need to take when you create an account. The answers in the said quiz will help the app provide you with fashion items of your choice.

There’s also a like button for each item. The more you hit the like button, the app would know your fashion preferences even better. It’ll add more fashion items in the options that you’ll surely adore.

Polyvore has a big community of fashion fanatics. App users help each other find what they want. They can also see the latest fashion trend and purchase directly from the application.

Lustr Fashion Finder

The app is for anyone looking for sales and promotions of fashion products and accessories like clothes, footwear, beauty and whitening products, and the like. It helps you find the store near in your location. Just key in your area, and put the particular item you want to purchase, then the app will locate the stores or retailers near you.

Lucky at Your Service

It’s also an online shopping platform. The app uses Global Positioning System (GPS), e-commerce, and real people to respond to your fashion needs.

You also have an option to pick up the purchase yourself. Just specify the particular item you want. Indicate the color, design, or even the brand. The Lucky team will contact the store owner or the retailer to keep one item for you to pick up on a particular date.

Keep Shopping

keepshoppingheader - Best Shopping app

Keep Shopping application is another online fashion platform. App users select particular clothes, dresses, accessories, and the like. You can follow a specific Keep user to have more ideas when it comes to designs and fashion trend. You can also buy the fashion item you want and mark the others that you’re planning to purchase in the future.

One exciting feature of this app is that you can purchase fashion items from different stores and put them in a single cart. It’ll provide you with a comfortable and convenient shopping experience.

Gap Style Mixer

Just like the other apps mentioned above, Gap Style Mixer is a new innovative fashion application. Take photos of anything inside your closet. The app will randomly pair your clothes or dresses in the style of shoes and accessories. It’ll mix and match different colors and styles that best suit for you.

The “mixer” feature looks into the Gap products and selects one that matches with the photo you’ve taken from your closet. The “community” feature allows the user to share photos with fellow app users. They can share fashion ideas and recommendations to help each other improve their fashion style.


pose fashion app

The app provides you with ideas about what to wear in a particular weather condition. You can see other app users wear outfits of the day. Pose gives you a weather forecast as well as an outfit you may wear every day.

There’s also an option to filter the search by choosing a particular event you’re planning to attend like a birthday party, wedding, and the like.


People have different tastes when it comes to fashion. You might have a different fashion style from what other people have. It’s your choice. Remember, what you wear is your simple way of expressing yourself.

The apps discussed above are just a few of those fashion applications available today. Choose one now to try out various styles that best fit you, and start your new journey in the world of fashion. Start pampering and loving yourself for you to experience self-satisfaction and happiness you’ve been looking for.


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