Travel Fashion Tips and Advice For Women


Packing your things before going on a vacation or before going on a holiday can be fun, but it can also be stressful and nerve-racking. Back in the day, before you can even travel in comfort and before you can bring the safest clothes that you have, you need to pack at least two suitcases.

These days, there are a higher number of shots that are professional looking, and the social media craze is the source of this sudden urge to look comfortable, stylish and picture ready. Even airport fashion is becoming a worldwide trend, and you need to look like you are about to attend a fashion week. The days where you can go anywhere with a sweatshirt, a plain shirt, a pair of leggings or shorts are gone. There are different fashion bloggers and different celebrities that have changed the standards of what people should wear when they travel. Needless to say, they have upgraded everything.

For you to be able to have that picture-perfect vacation shots that you can look back on fondly, you must know the best tips and ideas when it comes to styling.

Here are some of the best way that you can travel.

Bring your coolest sneakers

The first thing that you do when you are on a vacation is that you walk around, especially if you are a tourist and you are new to the city. When you are walking, you can see the city for all its glory, instead of going around it by riding a car or a bus. It is also preferred as tourists can explore the place and shop at the same time. However, for you to be able to do all of these, you will need a good pair of shoes. We are looking at the style versus comfort battle and it has been a debate and an issue ever since. This is also a very common issue for fashionistas who love to travel.

You may have your flats, but they are not that efficient to use, as there may be places that may require you to own a durable pair of sneakers or shoes that can withstand intense weather or uneven surfaces. The only pair of shoes that is travel-friendly and is trustworthy enough to withstand those dilemmas. You can bring your most stylish and your most comfortable sneakers, as they do look good in almost anything, even dresses.


A stylish, warm jacket

One of the struggles of bringing a jacket when you travel is that it can be a hassle to pack it in a suitcase. Unless you use it anywhere you go, then it can make your back feel more packed. It is better to use travel jackets that you can bring anywhere and wear at any time, it also best to use travel jackets that are not bulky and are stylish. Even if you will visit a country that is warm, but you need to travel via plane, chances are the temperature will be 10 to 20 degrees colder. You can use your jacket to prevent you from catching a cold and it can keep you warm when you enter cold places. It is not advised to wear an old and worn out sweatshirt, they may be comfortable, but they do not look good on pictures and it does not look good when you walk around a city that you are going to spend your vacation in. The good thing is, there are a lot of travel jackets that you can now buy online, and it can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Circle Scarves

Women love to wear different styles and designs of scarves while they travel. This is convenient to do since scarves are very versatile, they are fashionable, and they are also packable. Scarves are a piece of clothing that can make your outfit look good and it can provide you comfort while you travel. It is considered as an accessory and a must-have by fashionistas.  Circle scarves are scarves that have a loose circle, they are often made from cotton or wool. You can wear a scarf wherever you go and whenever, while you are on a plane or while you are walking around the city. It is best to choose circle scarves that have a good length, wide panels, knitted holes and a colour that will suit you and your overall wardrobe. Scarves can boost your overall outfit.

Comfortable Jeans

When you wear the right pair of jeans when you go on a vacation, it can make you feel comfortable and warm, that is why they are recommended by travellers instead of wearing sweatpants or leggings. Jeans can also match almost any outfit that you have, and it looks good and elegant. It is also important to wear jeans if you are going to travel to a country that has a cold weather. It does not take too much space in your bag or suitcase and they are also available in different types of fabric. There are different styles of jeans, it is best to wear the ones that match your body and your overall style. It is also best to choose a fabric that is lightweight and occupies a little space in your luggage.

Carry a tote with you

For you to avoid having to pay the fee of baggage excess, it is best to carry a big tote with you. It is also best to bring a tote bag so that you will know, and you can keep track of all the things and belongings that you have. A big tote bag can carry everything that you need when you travel, and it can also carry all that you need to complete your fashion travel journey. You can place your laptop on them too and your phone. It is best if you fit them first so that you will know if it suits you, make sure that they are not small enough that your essentials can no longer fit in them, and that they are not large enough that you can’t carry them around with you.



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