Messed up clothes and wet shoes are the last things we need when we are busy traveling. We don’t want to carry around all those dirty stacks of clothes, searching for places to wash them or carry a separate storage for them to be dumped. Of course, we don’t want flies to follow us. But then traveling becomes hectic if we don’t take proper precautions or measures to keep your clothes fresh and clean. With such hectic issues to handle, I am Aara, your travel guide and tips expert, here to tell you about a few things that might keep you away from the dirty stack of clothes and help you with keeping them neat and fresh. If you are someone like me whose day goes bad if the clothes go messy, then welcome to read this article and relate yourself to me so that you can follow these simple yet effective tips to keep your clothes fresh and perfectly fine.

  1. Firstly you need to remember that you are on a journey and so measure the possibilities of getting them dirty. If you are on a rough, adventurous trip then make sure you carry dark colors so that they don’t get shabby and dirty easily. Choose colors that might look totally fine even when you have been traveling the rough path all over.
  2. Choose light weighted materials like the cotton clothes which dry easily even when you wash them in the middle of your journey. If the temperature is sunny enough, then you might even wear them when they are still wet after washing them and squeezing thoroughly. Keep the texture of the clothes light. But if you are traveling during winters and carrying heavy protective jerkins and all, then you better take care of them properly and not allowing them to get dirty.
  3. Roll your clothes. Don’t try folding them as they might create lines all over your clothes and when you wear them, these lines will be visible and the clothes wouldn’t look neat. Clothes like cotton and jersey would surely crease if you fold them. Another little secret about these clothes is that if you roll them, then they act as space saviors as they help you in packing a little more. They consume less space than all the clothes that are folded.
  4. If you are a silk lover then make sure you know how to maintain them well while traveling. Silks are also considered the best as they also get dried easily when you wash them but then they also get crushed easily amidst other clothes. So place your silk garments in transparent cover bags or polythenes to keep them safe. Even they are safe when they are rolled.
  5. Carry some hand-held steamers that might be useful when you are carrying too much of silks around in your suitcase. They might come handy with silk clothes. They also are considered to keep your clothes clean in a lesser time.
  6. Dust bags are very important if you have more than one pair of shoes or slippers to wear. You can’t just dump your footwear blindly into the suitcase and then think that your clothes wouldn’t be affected by it. That would be a foolish thing to do. So please do carry some dust bags.
  7. Bring some spot cleaners along with you. Spot cleaners are available in every supermarket and they are designed especially for the clothes that get dirty while traveling. These are really handy when you have any major stains on your clothes to remove.
  8. There are heavy-duty water-resistant airtight bags which come handy for storing not only your electronic items but also some of the sensitive clothes which we carry for special occasions. They prevent water from entering inside your clothes and then let the fungi grow.
  9. If you have the chance to stay somewhere overnight and happen to find a refrigerator over there, then rush back to your backpack, pull out some of the large sealable bags that you have been storing and push in all your used clothes into it and then store them in the refrigerator. This doesn’t clean the clothes but it sure beats the odor of the clothes, making them smell fresh the next day. It also makes them soft and comfortable to wear. This kind of tips is very useful in the summer season.
  10. Pack compatible clothes. Make sure that the clothes you carry take less space and are very light weighted. I know I have told this at the beginning also but then I would like to repeat this because lighter clothes are easy to clean and also easy to carry around. It is better to carry ten pairs of light weighted clothes than pack 5 pairs of heavy ones. You get the point right!
  11. Carry a mini iron box if possible because that might ease your tensions related to clothing to an extent. There are mini palm-sized iron boxes available everywhere which can be operated even without using electricity as they run on batteries. So carry one if you really need one. But make sure to cross check with the airport authorities because some places don’t allow you to carry one in the flights.
  12. Carry common clothing like a scarf or a shrug or an overcoat to keep your clothes safe as they will be acting as protection to your clothes. Let them get dirty and you can always clean them anytime and anywhere. But then you will be keeping your actual clothes clean with the help of these extra add-ons.
  13. Carry a video which is fabric-friendly and also helps you stay away from the bad smell and helps you stay fresh most of the times.
  14. Prefer staying in the cool places if you get the chance as they help you sweat less and that in turn leads to keeping your clothes neat and fresh for a little longer time.
  15. Carry a raincoat handy no matter what kind of whether it is. Raincoats not only protect you from rains but then there will be situations when you will know that your clothes are going to go crazy with dust and that is when you can use a raincoat. They act as coveralls. Honey! Trust me! You will need it.

So these were few of the tips from my diary which have been very useful to me and all my friends and family. So if you also find it interesting then do not forget to like, comment and share this article with others. Bon Voyage! Have a fresh journey!


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