15 Most Popular Hairstyle Apps for Android and iOS devices


We have listed the 15 most popular hairstyle apps for Android and iOS devices.

We all want to look beautiful and there is no second opinion about that.  And when it comes to beauty, hairstyles matter the most. But there are times when we find difficulties choosing the best hairstyle for ourselves. Whether it’s a wedding, prom or other formal occasions, we simply want to have the perfect hairstyle for the occasion.

So do you also find difficulties choosing the perfect hairstyle for different occasions? Do you wonder whether you look more beautiful wearing long hair or short hair? Well, let me tell you now you can try hundreds of different hairstyle look sitting right at your home. Yes, that’s true!

While smart phones are great for texting, calling and social media, they come exceptionally good for hair try-on apps. These apps work really well to choose the best haircut for any occasion you want.

In this post, We have listed the 15 most popular hairstyle apps for Android and iOS devices. Just go through and try them to give that first impression of your beauty.

Hairstyle Mirror

Whether you want to try long hair or short hairs, hairstyle mirrors is the only app that lets you check various hairstyles in real-time with live-face tracking. Great, isn’t it?

When you open the app in your smartphone it automatically opens the front camera and follows your face in real time. It gives the option to choose from over 100 haircuts for women in 5 different categories: Long, medium, short, special and crazy. And that’s not all, it also lets you change color brightness, resize and move the hairs around as you want.

Hair Zapp

Confused, which hairstyle will look the best on you?  Download Hair Zapp and find the perfect hairstyle that you need.

Hair Zapp is amongst the most popular app which allows its users virtually try a number of hairstyles on their smartphones. And the best part is that it’s completely free. Using Hair Zapp is very easy. All you need is to start the application, take a picture and try as many haircuts you want until you make your mind.

The best feature of this app is that it allows you to compare different hairstyles side by side, making it a lot easy to select the best option.

Ultimate Hairstyle Try-On

Do you have a favorite celebrity and want a hairstyle just like her?If yes, then Ultimate Hairstyle Try-On is the perfect app you need. The app features more than 100 celebrity hairstyles, colors, and accessories on your own photo. You just need to take a photo of your face from your phone or choose one from the gallery. And in seconds the app will put your photo in your favorite celebrity hairstyle. It’s that simple and easy.

Now you can book a salon for a haircut without hesitation because you already know you are going to look perfect with your celebrity hairstyle.

Hairstyle Changer

Yet another great app that lets you decide which hairstyle and hair color would look perfect on you. The runs smooth on both Andriod and iOS enabled devices; however, has a different technique for both to change hairstyle on smartphones.

Moreover, the app is designed for both men and women and has many features. Including unique flip option, easy rotation and zoom, and easy erase unwanted portion.

Updo Styles

The Updo Styles is a perfect app for hairstyle ideas for all formal occasions. The app is filled with high-quality hairstyles and so you can pick and choose the one that suits you best.

There are 80 unique styles to browse, with multiple poses to give a complete picture. In addition, they are a number of categories to find a hairstyle you like. From Half Up Half Down, Soft Updos to Flower Girls, the app is designed to let your stylist create amazing hairstyles.

Hair Step by Step

Make your favorite hairstyle with a few simple steps. Yes, this app is the perfect way to learn how to make your favorite hairstyle instantly. The app provides you a step by step guide on how to comb your hair as shown in different images.

The app has a number of different haircuts to choose from: Buns, Braids, Ponytails, Vintage, Chignon, Curls, Bob, Headband, and Twist. So, if you are bored with your current hairstyle and want to change following a few simple steps then this app is perfectly designed to meet your needs.

Cute Girls Hairstyle

Now getting a cute hairstyle has become a lot easy. All thanks to the Cute Girls Hairstyle app. The simple app lets you get super cute and easy hairstyles in just 5 minutes. No matter you are looking for Simple Braids, French Braids, Dutch Braids, Waterfall Braids, Fishtail Braids, or something different from others. This app is perfect for you.

Overall, it has a simple interface and runs smoothly on both Andriod and iOS operated devices.

Virtual Makeover

If you are looking for a complete makeover app then this app is definitely the one you should go for. From makeup to cosmetic products along with hairstyle, the app has everything for everyone. This next generation app offers realistic cosmetics, hairstyles, and accessories to try on.

In addition, it’s a simple to use app that also lets you save your makeovers in an album and share it with others. And the best part is that this app is completely free!


Sturk is the perfect hairstyle simulators for beauty parlors. It’s the best hairstyling app that lets you find out the perfect haircut that suits your face. Though the app is designed for beauty professionals you can use Sturk for your personal simulating. Moreover, it’s easy to look at natural hairstyle compositions since the app handles a lot of colors and brightness.

With Sturk hairstyling is just a piece of cake.

Hair Color Studio

The app is perfect to change the color of your hair in a photo in just seconds. With Hair Color studio you can choose from 20 shades for both men and women and find the perfect match for yourself.  The app is completely free to download and easy to use.

With Hair Color Studio you can decide what colors you want on your hairs or how can you compliment your hairs with highlights and shadows.

Insta Hairstyle Saloon

The Insta Hairstyle Saloon has more than 150 different hairstyles to try on virtually. With the application, you can digitally repaint your hair color or choose from a number of haircuts that suits your face cut.

Working with the app is quite simple; meanwhile, it also provides a lot of different information about the hair and tips on the selection. Also, lets you save images which can be easily forwarded to anyone you want.

InStyle Hairstyle

Now the perfect celebrity haircut and style is at your figure tips. InStyle Hairstyle is a superb app that allows you to transform and see yourself in a completely new way. The app comes with an auto-detect technology that allows users to accurately suggest the best celebrity hairstyle that matches your face.

The app has a huge variety of celebrity hairstyles and shades to choose from. Pick one that suits you best and surprise people by your new Hollywood image.

Hair Color Booth

Hair Color Booth is simply an app that lets you change the color of your hair in a straightforward way. The app lets you digitally dye your hair from numerous colors you like. From blonde to brunette and extreme colors, create almost every combination you want for your hairs. All thanks to the app’s superb features including, super realistic hair coloring, a wide array of color choice, color strength controls, and others.

Hairstyle Wizard

Are you on the quest for a hot new hairstyle? Yes? Then Hairstyle Wizard is an app that you should definitely download. This app lets you figure out the best celebrity hairstyle for every event. All you need is to tell the app your hair type, mood, and the type of event you are heading too. And in a few seconds it will come up with a list of recommendations that will perfectly fit you.

All in all, the app gives you the ability to virtually try different celebrity like hairstyles before deciding on a look.

Hairstyles and Haircuts

With over 900 types of haircuts for both men and women, Hair Styles and Hair Cuts is a popular app that lets you find a new hairstyle is probably a few seconds.

The best feature of the app is that it provides video tutorials in the app so you can look at different hairstyles in a clear way and choose one that appeals to you. The catalog gets constantly updated so you get to see a new variety of hairstyles to choose from.  Additionally, the app allows you to save the style to favorites so you can check them later at any time you want. The app is available on both PlayStore and iTunes.


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