5 Tips to Prepare Your Skin for Christmas Parties


As the holiday season comes closer, your calendar is probably filling up with reminders for parties, potlucks, and secret Santa gift exchanges. With the abundance of joy that the Christmas spirit brings, taking care of your skin might be the last task on your list.

Although the Christmas season is filled with festivities, the fun comes with a price tag. Parties result in hangovers, puffy eyes, dark circles, and acne from consuming too many peppermint treats. However, you may still want to look fabulous for all the events, especially since more people gather together during the season. Here are some tips to keep your skin flawless this holiday season.

1Invest in Dermal Fillers

The holiday season is the ideal time to flaunt your beauty to all your friends, family, and co-workers. It’s natural to feel the need to look your best. Getting dermal fillers and injectables will allow you to restore your skin, target problem areas, and feel confident in your skin.

Whether you’re concerned about wrinkles, hollowed weeks, flattened lips, or acne scars, there are numerous dermal fillers available to address various issues. Luckily, injectables have no downtime, allowing you to return to your Christmas festivities and enjoy them with a rejuvenated face.

2Hydrate Your Skin Inside Out

Your skin needs hydration inside out to maintain its moisture level. Try to limit the hot chocolates and eggnogs with water to achieve maximum results. Although some holiday treats never hurt anybody, make sure your water intake remains sufficient throughout the season.

To hydrate your skin from the outside, use a moisturizer at least twice a day. You also want to hydrate your lips by applying a lip balm before heading out or going to bed.

3Follow a Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine might be a little different for colder months. The aim during winter is to keep the skin hydrated, soft and avoid anything that dries it up. In addition, following a proper skin care regimen will allow your skin to glow and help you feel confident at every party you attend.

It is also essential to apply products in the correct order to maximize their efficiency. Do your research to speak to your dermatologist and find the right products to enhance your skincare routine.

4Watch Your Holiday Treats Intake

It can be tempting to indulge in snowman-shaped sugar cookies and flavored hot chocolates as the holiday season approaches. However, consuming too much sugar can take a toll on your skin, causing it to break out or look dull.

Be mindful of what you eat this holiday season. You don’t have to give up your favorite holiday goodies to maintain your skin, and however, limiting the consumption of unhealthy items can help you maintain your skin.

5Don’t Forget After Party Care

As you prepare your skin for Christmas parties, it is essential to remember to care for it after the party. When you go home after any holiday event, take off your makeup and thoroughly clean your skin before bed. You might feel a little lazy to follow your usual skincare routine after a long day at a party; however, it is essential to care for your skin if you want to maintain it.

Follow the tips above and enjoy a stress-free holiday season with glowing skin and tons of compliments as you prepare for Christmas parties!


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