5 Rules To Follow When Buying Loose Diamonds in Frisco

These 5 rules to follow when buying loose diamonds in Frisco can help you find a good quality diamond.


Loose diamonds are sold by diamond dealers to buyers who want to have customized jewelry and use loose diamonds to make them more personalized. But it will be wise for customers to know more about loose diamonds before shopping for one since this can help them pick a high-quality diamond. There are diamond dealers who offer Frisco loose diamonds and you can check several of them but before doing so check on the 5 rules to follow when buying loose diamonds in Frisco.

Check for Certification

Every diamond sold should come with a certification otherwise the authenticity will be questionable. So before buying a diamond you can ask if they will be issuing a certificate. Most legit stores will be showing you the certification of diamonds upon inquiry since this is the main proof that their diamonds are authentic. Loose or mounted diamonds both come with a certification. The good thing about getting certification while your diamonds are loose is they can be able to evaluate the whole diamond compared to when they are mounted and some corners are already hidden from the metal.

Check on the 4cs

Diamonds are graded according to 4cs that is usually used by the Gemological Institute of America, which is one of the most popular laboratories. The 4cs stands for color, clarity, cut, and carats. For the color of the diamond, the colorless diamonds are the most expensive and rare, which means it will be impossible to get one so opting for a nearly colorless or color grade ranging from G to I can be ideal enough to get a good diamond when it comes to color grading. For clarity, flawless diamonds are expensive and rare, so VS1, VS2, and SI1 can be a good choice as long as the inclusions are not seen by the naked eye and not too many then the clarity grade mentioned earlier are good enough. For the cut, it will be good if you can get an expert to cut your diamonds since poorly cut diamonds can be broken and chip easily. Getting an excellent cut for your diamonds can preserve it. For the carats make sure to know how many carats you would want for your diamond so you can set a budget since diamonds are priced per carats. Getting familiar with the 4cs of the diamonds can help you set a standard for the diamond you want to buy, then it will be easier for you to negotiate and choose among the offers given by the diamond dealer.

Compare Several Offers

Window shopping for diamonds before finalizing your purchase is normal. Since you want to get the best offer and best price, then visiting and inquiring from several shops in Frisco is fine. Checking diamonds online can also be a good option since you can see the descriptions plus 3D videos and images are posted so you can check the diamonds up close. Certifications are also shown to let you see the attributes of the diamonds being sold.

Check Diamonds using Filters

On online shops they have filter tools so you can input the quality of the diamonds you desire and online sellers can be able to find a match for you if they have the diamond you are looking for. Using filter tools you can save time searching for a wide variety of loose diamonds since you can focus on the attributes of the diamonds that are within your budget and focus on the attributes that you want.

Use Your Imagination

As a buyer, using your skill in checking items you want to buy is needed. Practice looking at diamonds by checking several images online and also allotting time to read about diamonds. BY doing so you can use these skills once you shop for real diamonds. You can compare the images you saw with the real diamonds and be keen on the details of the diamonds as you look closely at them.

These 5 rules to follow when buying loose diamonds in Frisco can help you find a good quality diamond. Get your money’s worth by doing your part as a customer, which is to learn the attributes of diamonds and use your own knowledge to determine if the diamond is good enough for you.


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