What is Search Engine Optimization? And why it is important for Website


SEO term refers to a search engine optimization. As competition of websites is increasing day by day it is a very difficult task to rank in any search engine.Nowadays Search engine of any website is very important if anyone wants to increase quality and quantity of traffic by an organic search.

What is SEO?

Search optimization is a set of rule and some tricks followed by a website owner or blogger to optimize their website and improve their ranking in any search engine. In other word, we can say it is a great trick to make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Why SEO is important for your website?

In today era of competition SEO plays a crucial to rank in any search result.

The majority of audience likes to visit topmost 7 search result pages [SERP]. So to increase organic visit and visitors on your website your website should be in top positions.

Any user trust top most result for keyword he is searching so if your website will be in top position the more user will get write information for its search.

SEO is good for promotion your website on a social medias. People who find most of their information on the Social Medias like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus can reach your website through page sharing and post sharing of your webpage. Also Social media is a great source to get more traffic.

SEO is important for smooth running your website in Smartphone or desktop.

SEOis important to compete your website with other website suppose two websites are selling the same product at a time. Obviously, that website will rank fast which website SEO strategy will good and offering a great content according to audience search.

How does Search Engine Optimization Works?

Some persons think search engine is like a website in which you type or speak your question Google, Bingor other search engine reply magically it shows you a list of websites from its database. Somehow it’s true. But do you know what the reason is behind to show this magical links of webpages.

So we will let you know how it works: when you search anything on Google and other search engine its crawler goes to collect information about all content they found according to the search keyword. The crawler collects all information 1s and 0s form and makes an index and with the help of search algorithm search engine give you result according to the search query.

How Search engine work

Choosing Keywords:

Keywords plays a crucial role in SEO it is very important part of SEO. One must choose keyword very carefully because keyword shave more traffic and less competition will give the best result.

So our personal advice is to choose that keyword that represents your website, and do not choose that keyword which not belong your niche because it will not beneficial for your website.

Use the easy and straightforward technique to design and develop a website:

To design a website using a simple HTML and CSS. For the best SEO you can use a WordPress or other CMS. You can also use CMS like Magento, Joomla, Shopify or MVC for better SEO.

Main steps for Search Engine optimization process?

If we talk about SEO process then it is not a static process rather it can do with a strategy process and rules. SEO is divided into two stages:

On-Site SEO: what rules and techniques you apply to make your website user- friendly on a search engine. In On- Side SEO is practice to optimize website elements with keywords and Meta tags. It is also to optimize HTML source code and content on a website.

Off- Side SEO: How to promote your blog or website by different strategy so that it can find easily in any search engine. It is also involved to optimize relevance and trustworthiness of a site. Off-site SEO involve increase traffic of website by blog posting, form postingand give your quality content to another website as a Guest Blogging.

Offpage SEO

How can we get more links?

This question is mostly asked by bloggers how we can get more links. if you find this question on the internet you will get many answers but my personally advice is when you start your website firstly forget about link building focus on the content you are going to write on your website.

If your content is fabulous you will get a more organic traffic and your website automatically rank on search engine.

Difference in Internet marketing and SEO

Some people are confused about internet marketing and SEO, and mostly peopleask the question is internet marketing and SEO is same? The straightforward answer is the SEO is a tool available on the internet for marketing purpose.

Whereas internet marketing is a part of SEO which include start a campaign and promoting a content through various social Medias.

How to monitor your Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

The one of the most interesting tip to monitor or track your SEO campaign and its related outcomes.

Google analytics: To know very well how SEO works, you should have knowledge Google analytics to track your visitor on your website. Specifically, this tool tell you about how much organic traffic is coming on your website and from which source traffic is coming.

Authority Labs: you can use this tool to track a keyword ranking of your website and check that whether it is optimizing in a search result.

Best content is a most important success factor with and without SEO

In the end of this discussion, you must have clearly on thing in mind that SEO is not beneficial if your content is not good.

In other words, we can say if anybody is trying to SEO off-site without a good content then it is very difficult to optimize it for a long term period.


By Follow above discussed strategy and tricks you can increase the rank of your website in any search engine.

If you have further doubt about and query about SEO you can via discuss in comment.


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