Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools that are Popular in 2024


In This article we list out some of the amazing free Instagram analytics tools that are a craze in 2024.

Let us explore some of The Instagram free analytics tools that facilitate smarter Instagram marketing.

Even though Instagram is one of the most popular and leading social media platforms, some marketers are finding it difficult to gather valuable actionable data.

Fortunately, these issues could be resolved with some of the amazing Instagram analytics tools that are a craze in 2024. Let us explore some of

The Instagram free analytics tools that facilitate smarter Instagram marketing


SmartMetrics is supposed to be an Instagram analytics tool that is known to provide metrics for posts and accounts. The tool would be helping you to learn precisely about engagement rates and follower growth by gender, day, and geographic demographics.

SmartMetrics is known to provide fascinating information about things like the most used or the most engaged filters. This tool comes free for accounts that have over 1000 users.


Iconosquare is helpful in analyzing the Instagram account of a user and shows top followers, audience engagement, growth over time, and some other important metrics. It is also a good management tool.

The user could be using it for scheduling and drafting posts. Iconosquare is known to offer a free trial for 14 days.

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Klear is supposed to be an influencer marketing channel which is known to specialize in Instagram. Its focus is on offering the various brands the simplest ways of finding influencers, managing them, and measuring influencer campaigns.

Klear offers a comprehensive Instagram profile analysis. Klear provides information about influencer score, hashtag analysis, engagements rates, and the most popular content on the account, network analysis, and demographics.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured comes up with a free PDF report for free. This report would be providing the usual Instagram analytics metrics related to the keyword analysis, engagements, and content analysis.

You may get in touch with professional digital services for getting real Instagram likes with their expert advice.


Locowise is supposed to be a simple and really user-friendly Instagram analytics tool. It would be giving the user a comprehensive analytics of the demographics, fan base growth, best posting time, etc. about the account. It offers a free trial for a fortnight.


This is supposed to be a wonderful tool for account and hashtag analytics. This smart tool would be providing an easy-to-use and convenient Instagram account management. It also offers the free trial for a fortnight.

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Intutel is supposed to be a new and smart cloud platform that is known to help marketers and brands to analyze the overall social media presence of a brand.

This is a user-friendly interface tool that offers growth insights of followers, an overview of maximum engaged users, influencers present in the fan base, timeline’s popular topics, and post analysis.


This is a popular and a free tool that provides key Instagram analytics like growth, number of followers and engagement.

You would know the best and also, the worst posting times, you would understand if your hashtags are the best or you need to find some new ones. Squarelovin would be providing monthly, weekly, and even daily analytics for your precise account.


These are some very effective Instagram analytic tools. Most of these tools are required to give certain basic information before involving in deeper and seriously interesting analytics. Do a little bit of experimentation, you are sure to identify the best.


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