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Better search ranking is the ultimate goal of a blogger. The write-up, the title, the links, the tags are all groomed and polished until it looks like a perfect picturesque, creating a new world of appealing content which captivates the attention of the reader and leads from one unique page to another through links. To succeed online, it is necessary to understand and apply high-quality links. The significance of creating a high-quality link is spiking higher day by day and what more the scenario of creating a link is always changing. Here’s a guide for link placement for better search ranking.

What is link placement?

The foremost point to be kept in mind is the authenticity of the links placed on the page, 50 authentic links challenge 100 bogus links. Link placement is a procedure of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own. Now hyperlink is nothing but just a mean (link) of directing the reader or user from one page to another on the internet. Links are used by search engines to move through the web, between the links of the individual pages on the website and between the links of the entire website, this movement is called crawling.

Why is link placement important?

Strategic link placement causes the supporters to avoid the protracted search engine, one of the main importance of link placement.

A hyperlink has the following areas:

  1. Start of link tag
  2. Link referral location
  3. Visible/anchor text of link
  4. Closure of link tag

Any area of text can be linked to transfer a visitor to another page. There are broad roads constructed across every website to transport visitors in split seconds from area A to area B to area C to area D. These areas placed strategically can help links optimize the fundraising by instantly transferring everyone in the online network to a website where they can contribute. This, in the end, will be a major contribution to a better search ranking.

Types of link placements

Text link

A text link is a hyperlink with only text that navigates the user to a different area within the document or to a separate web page; it’s simply the words on the web page that are also a hyperlink to another page.

There is much more to text link than just some mere words that navigate the user to another page. When a text link is uploaded four pieces of data have to be uploaded-

  1. URL of the page to go to
  2. The text that will be advertised, this will be available for the affiliate to advertise
  3. Name of the creative
  4. Category to put the creative in, which is optional

Small, precise and smart texts can catch attentions. Some types of text ads-

  • Traditional ads: These text links are simple and make the user go to your default homepage by having the text to be the URL or store name. Ex: or roadSideSale.
  • Category Focused: If there are particular categories related to the site, text links can be created to furnish those categories of the site. Ex: “RoadSide Winter Pashmina Sale 50% off” this will not only tell that an online brand road side has a sale but also that it has a winter sale, the effect of the category Pashmina will cater the category with the following message that the sale has a 50% off.
  • Product Focused: If there are any best or popular selling products, a target text can be created for these individual products. Ex: Walter& an e-commerce food and wine store has product focused text links.
Description Category Example
Top-selling wines Top sellers Louvre brewery
Walter&sons Top sellers Walter& top sellers


  • Seasonal/ holiday Focused: This is the best and the largest opportunity. Ex: Floral-collection for spring, Spooky-collection for Halloween, Lomoish-collection for summer, Reindeer-collection for winter. is seasonal online clothing brand which also an expertise in the collection of all kinds of accessories along with the seasonal clothing. The holiday or the seasonal focus can be of more importance as the more catchy words written in the test the more the reader’s attention it will gain.

These methods can hence be of great help in making text link placement a good opportunity to gain better search rankings by the search engines.

Image link:

Sometimes text link cannot be used due to inefficiency of lack of visualization.

Four Parts of Text Link

The header is the main part which is on the top of the image, keywords written here are an attribute of the image below, sometimes these headers prove to be not as strong as the plain catchy text links. Therefore the most effective part than the sidebars is the header which should always contain a strong and precise admiration to the image below.

Sidebars are on the either sides of the image, containing the valuable link location than the header or the content, they take to the home of the web page. Sometimes the sidebars work the magic of the header and the content fail.

Content should always be decorated with highest creative streaks to attract the attention; this is the most valuable link location, which takes to the exact location on the web page as directed.

The footer link isn’t always important unless it’s the only link in the page. But it’s always better to make the link appear sooner on the page and earlier in the HTML markup.





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