5 Tips To Enhance Business Security This Holiday


With the holiday just around the corner, it pays to be well prepared for whatever situation. One of these is the need to ensure that your business is safe from burglars. These might want to take advantage of knowing that perhaps everyone has gone on vacation. You wouldn’t want to come back you’re your office has been turned upside down with all your valuables gone. You can apply these 5 tips to enhance business security this holiday.

Reviewing security policies with staff

This is the first step to secure your business. Ensure to go over the company security policies with employees to ensure no one makes any obvious mistakes. With this, you will rest assured that everyone is on the same page with a clear understanding of steps to take that ensure business security. Some of the security measures to review might include:

  • Locking valuables when closing for the day
  • Maintaining ethical practices when working remotely
  • Plan B in case of an emergency
  • Limiting guests for holiday functions

Keeping security equipment in good condition

After reviewing the company security policies, it’s the time to ensure that all equipment that protects the premises are in good condition. a wonderful idea is to call a professional locksmith to do a security audit on your premises. This might include evaluating the state of things such as:

  • Alarm system
  • Smart locks
  • Access control systems
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Panic buttons

Upgrading your locks


It’s extremely important to have modern locks installed on your premises before the festive season. With the anticipated increase in sales, thieves are also looking for ways to make a killing from your sweat. The Christmas season is one of those periods when burglaries are rampant. The solution is to call a commercial locksmith in Tulsato install premium grade locks on all your entrances. Commercial locks will keep your business safe through the holiday season.

Update your alarm company

Your business might need to have a different schedule during the holiday season. Perhaps now you must open up later than the usual hours. Ensure to let your alarm company know your new operating hours to help them look out for unusual activity. Additionally, you should consider reviewing and updating your emergency call list. This will ensure that when your alarm goes off, the alarm company has the right contact information.

Limit use of public Wi-Fi

There’s a risk of making personal and vital business information vulnerable when using public Wi-Fi. Ensure that all staff working remotely use a virtual private network to protect company data. This makes it possible for remote employees to access the company network without a physical connection. It will help to protect company information from falling into the wrong hands.

Final thought

Do you feel that you’ve done enough to ensure that your business is safe this season? Well, it’s a bad idea to go over this checklist a second time. Just to make sure. You can make use of professional assistance from a commercial locksmith to perform a security audit. And, the locksmith won’t hesitate to recommend appropriate measures to ensure your business is safe.


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