Is social media important for SEO?


Search engine optimization focuses on organic growth. You need to sit down with your teammates and devise a plan that focuses on organic marketing and hence leads to organic growth of your website. Good authentic content can lead your website from a bad ranking to the top most rankings in search engines. But merely writing content is not enough, it is important to market your content as well. If you are not sure about how to market your content, you can consult a SEO company. Social media and good, unique content both go hand in hand when it comes to creating a good marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization is a dynamic field, it keeps on changing. People used to believe that SEO is all about using keywords and alt text, but that is not true anymore. Social media plays a huge role in SEO. If you keep on regularly updating your social media handles, you will gather a loyal fan following. Also, when people find genuine content on social media they tend to share it with their peers. The more number of people that share your content, the more number of inbound links you earn. This is definitely one of the best ways to boost your rank. Social media also lets you find out what the trending topic is. One you know what your target audience is talking about, you can curate content accordingly.

Your prime focus should be growing your number of followers. Social media acts as the perfect opportunity for you to do so. The number of followers you have highly influences your ranking across various search engines. If you put your efforts on improving your social media accounts so that there is an increased level of involvement with your followers, you will find that your credibility is increasing. Brand reputation is very important. If your company name is highly reputed, people will automatically tend to place their faith in your products and services even if they haven’t tried it before. Everyone cannot try out every product that has been launched by every company. But when people try out something new, they check the reviews and feedbacks for the same. If your company has a good reputation, this will directly lead to a higher number of sales. You can go for any well-known SEO company to help improve the credibility of your company. Improving your reputation by increasing your number of followers seems easier said than done.

You need to stand out from the rest as there are a million companies out there who have their own social media handles who are pitching the same product as yours to the same customers. You need to make these people see why they should go for you over others. What is it that you have to offer to them that your competitors lack? Merely having the weapon doesn’t suffice, you need to learn how to market it and how to sell it to the people out there who are willing to criticize you at every step.

You need to be prepared for both positive as well as negative feedback. The competition is hard out there, and you need to be prepared for every criticizing comment out there. If you do receive any negative feedback, do not ignore it. That is worst possible thing you can do. If you genuinely want to establish a loyal fan base comprising of those who diligently follow you, you need to address their concerns and make them feel valued. Make it a point that you reply to every comment that is posted on your posts so that more people make the effort to comment on your content.


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