15+ MailChimp Alternatives for Small Business Email Marketing in 2024

Just because MailChimp is popular, it doesn’t mean you are obligated to use it. You might want to consider these 15+ MailChimp alternatives for your marketing campaigns.


Are you finding MailChimp Alternatives for email marketing? Here are best MailChimp Alternatives for Small Business Email Marketing.

MailChimp is one of the highly used email marketing services around. Its drag and drop design makes it easy to use and it has got an intuitive layout, too. Not to forget it has some seriously tempting freemium services. But the only problem is, it is still not a one-stop solution for most small businesses.

Just because MailChimp is popular, it doesn’t mean you are obligated to use it. You might want to consider these 15+ MailChimp alternatives for your marketing campaigns:

#1: Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a lightweight and easy-to-use email marketing platform. Among its cool features, one is the built-in heat map tool that shows parts of your email to grab the attention of readers.

Its plan starts at $20 per month. It has a WordPress plugin through which you can integrate mobile responsive contact forms into your e-Commerce store. It offers lots of smart tools that can help generate quality leads.

You will see in-depth activity reports on your campaigns and other statistics like bounce rate or inactive readers. Its email templates are fully customizable. You can design and launch your email marketing campaigns smoothly.

#2: SendinBlue

This email marketing tool is extremely affordable. Its free version lets you send 300 emails/day. It’s best for those businesses that are still growing their email list. You can set up your very first email marketing campaign with its free tier. As your list grows, you can switch to its premium packages which start at $25 a month.

It comes with features such as auto-responder campaigns, marketing automation workflows, etc. Its segmentation tools let you personalize your email marketing campaign. You can also create in-depth campaign reports to check stats in real-time and perform A/B testing.

#3: Drip

It’s an ideal email marketing platform for small businesses. It comes with innovative mailing tools such as campaign reports, automation workflows, drag and drop templates for emails and more.

The features you will get your hands on include custom conversion reports, one-site visitor behavior reports, integration with marketing tools such as OptinMonster for creating inclusive lead generation. Its pricing starts at $49 a month.

#4: Campaign Monitor

It’s one of those email marketing tools that gives you complete control over your campaign. Its A/B testing is by far the best. With this tool, you can track your subscriber’s activities, design customized email campaigns, collect customer data by integrating other apps such as OptinMonster, and Salesforce, etc. It is extremely helpful in building a relationship with your customers.

#5: AWeber

It allows you to create custom-tailored marketing campaigns for customer engagement and building brand awareness. It starts at $19 a month. You will get your hands on mobile responsive designs and create extensive reports to analyze the results of your campaign. Its marketing automation and auto-responder tools are friendlier as compared to that of MailChimp. It also has a WordPress plugin through which you can create drag and drop forms.

#6: EasySendy Drip

With EasySendy Drip, you can send 50,000 emails to 5,000 contacts in your mailing list per month. It starts at $14 a month. Along with creating campaigns, you can also create email newsletters very easily.

It captures subscribers from your website automatically. You can build email campaigns in just minutes by using its drag and drop automation flow builder. It also allows you to manage and segment email lists according to the behavior of your subscribers and customers.

#7: Marketing 360

As the name implies, Marketing 360 combines the features of an automation software and marketing agency. Its reporting dashboard is awesome. The reports it generates create performance data on the marketing activities of users. You can then create a marketing plan tailored according to the behavior of your subscribers.

Since it is more than just an email marketing platform, it is expensive as compared to the rest alternatives in the list. As your business grows, you can switch to Marketing 360 and use its advanced features to manage your marketing operations.

#8: Infusionsoft

It’s more than just an email marketing software. It has the built-in features of a contact management software, customer relationship software, financial CRM, e-commerce, landing page, lead management software, and more.

With its email marketing feature, you can create powerful campaigns based on user behavior. You can automate certain operations too such as letters or cards.

#9: Robly

It is among the most user-friendly marketing software out there. With the Robly AI and OpenGen technologies, you can increase your open rate by 50 percent. With its signature exit intent feature, you can grow your email list faster than other traditional methods such as sign up forms.

It is customizable and easy to work with. Even if you are less experienced about using an email marketing platform, you can use the standard email templates.

#10: Sparkpost

It is an easy to use alternative to MailChimp. It offers a nice set of email features to build applications that can engage, retain, and grow your audience. The email analytics reports give you all the information you need to improve the customer journey. You will also get access to email templates that you can customize as per your needs. It also helps in protecting sender reputation by guarding against fraud, errors, and bounce rate.

#11: iConnect

iConnect is a reliable tool for small businesses and large enterprise alike. You will have a wide range of HTML templates to choose from. With the drag and drop feature, you can create customized newsletters. It also features spam checking, social media integration, and auto-responders.

Its easy-to-use platform lets you build time-based campaigns without wasting much time. Even if you are new to automated marketing, you will find all the help you need in setting campaigns. They have 30-day free trial that supports 100 subscribers.

#12: MailGet

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, MailGet will be perfect for you. It is a modern email marketing tool that can help small businesses in customizing their email marketing ideas. It optimizes your emails automatically and offers an easier way for your subscribers to view your devices.

With features such as custom tags, drag and drop email builder, email templates, list cleaning, subscription forms, list management, etc., a business can improve its email marketing practices.

#13: ConvertKit

This email marketing service has been designed for bloggers, artists, instructors, and creators. Its email automation tool is great. You get a visual interface that allows you to newsletters and custom emails. It has an easy segmentation and tagging system, good looking forms, and it supports integrations with popular list building tools.

Convert Kit doesn’t offer a free plan but a 14-day free trial is available. Its monthly plan starts at $29 letting you manage up to 1,000 subscribers.

#14: MailerLite

This email marketing platform is designed for bloggers, savvy marketers, solo entrepreneurs, and more. MailerLite has removed all complexities from email marketing to offer you and an easy-to-use interface with powerful features.

It also supports integrations of MailChimp alternatives. It is meant for people of all skill levels. It supports automation workflows, segmentation and tag, embedded email surveys, landing pages, forms, pop-ups, and more.

#15: eSputnik

It is a comprehensive email marketing automation platform designed to help you improve your sales by automating the workflow. One of its great features is customer journey mapping. You can create customized emails with its workflow editor and message builder.

It also uses AI for personalizing product recommendations on your website. You can send emails as soon as your subscriber checks their emails. You can also optimize email frequency for best results. It comes with drag and drop email designer, real-time reporting and analytics, product re targeting, etc.

#16: Campayn

This Mail Chimp alternative allows you to design email-marketing campaigns from scratch. You can choose from the templates provided and create an email that fits your website’s requirements. By using Campayn’s automated workflow, you can automate the emails and send them timely.

Campayn has a flexible pricing model. You can either choose from its monthly plans or opt for the pay-as-you-go plan.

#17: TinyLetter

Although it is a sub-project of MailChimp, Tiny Letter is free. It is meant for those who want to send digests, dispatches, and updates to their audience. It may not be the best on our list, but it’s still worth it if you have limited fans. It is extremely simple to use. It does not have any templates, you just have to work on a text editor.

#18: Omnisend

If you are looking for a more advanced tool tailored for ecommerce you should consider Omnisend. It helps you to reach your customers with more personalized messages and automate your workflows to reach the best results. You can also use various tools like signup forms or landing pages to convert your visitors to subscribers or various automation workflows to work with current customers.

Omnisend offers a free plan for basic email marketing which allows you to send up to 15,000 emails per month. Their Standard Plan starts off at $16 per month.


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