Top 7 SEO Strategy That Will Skyrocket Your Google Ranking


SEO is like grammar for machines. It is a set of rules you must obey when creating your online content to make your content easy to understand and organize by machines like Google bots. These bots will rank your content higher on Google if you include the things they understand. Here are some of the top ways to help Google bots place your content on top of search results.

Use Keywords

Make sure each page on your website has your keywords. Place your keywords in all the right places of your website. Use keywords in your title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, image titles, ALT texts, and your content. You can use the Keyword Planner of Google to know which keywords to use. You must focus on each of your keywords and also the keywords your target audience are searching for. Use related keywords in your content so Google bots can get a clue of what your website is about.

Share Your Content on Social Media

Share your content on social media and create content that people will like and share. Content that gets social media likes and shares rank higher in search results because Google bots only look for content that a lot of people are looking at. Also, when people share your content, more people will discover your content. It is a cycle that is headed upwards. You must always share your good content on social media and avoid being absent from social media because social media is good for your content.

Use Long Content

Most people hate to read. So we opt for short sentences and become as brisk as possible. On the other hand, Google bots seem to love to read. They love extra long content. The average length of content for most blogs to make it to search results has always been 600 words, but a recent finding revealed it is 2,416 words. Long content gets read and shared more than short content. Long content also allows you to insert a lot of different keywords.

Build Internal Links

Link building is a part of SEO. It’s when you post a link to your content online. Link building is usually done by posting your link to other websites and social media, but link building can also be done internally by posting links as a part of your content. Just add a link to your previous post on your new post. If linking to every post in your website from every post in your website confuses you, you can get the help of SEO services like SEO Auckland to do it faster.

Claim Mentions That Have No Links

As you gain connections online and build your network, other people will start mentioning your brand. They’ll mention it like a name of a person, though, and not link to your website. You can search for all of the people who have mentioned you and ask each of them to link back to your website.

Email for Backlinks

The internet isn’t just for adding new friends and getting sales. It is also about getting friends who can help you in SEO. You can build relationships with bloggers and influencers through email. You can ask them to link back to your content in their posts. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and time, but it will be extremely helpful for you.

Write for People

The most important SEO strategy of all is the last one in this article: write for people. SEO was invented for robots, but as is evident in some of the strategies above, robots listen to people. As much as it is important to cater your content to what the robots look for, you must create your content for the ones that the robots serve. Create original, meaningful content that many people will love.

It pays to study SEO more to use it to your advantage and keep your content on top of search results for all relevant search terms. If you have no time for studying SEO, you can use services that specialize in SEO. They can help lots of people find your content for an average price. Always remember that the most important rule in SEO is to direct your content to people and not to robots. Only humans control the robots.


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