Social Media Marketing Strategies for Startups


One if the things that many startups battle with is a big budget to invest in things they assume they do not really need to promote their businesses. Some prefer to use traditional methods of advertising themselves, top on the list being word of mouth. While this may work for your friends and relatives, it might not get you other customers from outside your circle. You need something else increase the awareness of your business and to boost your sales.

To reach a broader audience, you need to get outside your circle and embrace social media marketing. Contrary to what you may believe or what you may have heard, social media marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of taking your startup to a new level so you have to avoid social media marketing mistakes. All you need to do is to have someone take you through in choosing the best social media marketing strategies to use and you are good to give your startup the push it needs to grow.

Three easy Social media marketing strategies

1. Choose one or two social media platforms

The most common social media platforms include, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and Pinterest among others. The excitement of featuring in all the platforms may be exciting for some startups that want to capitalize on every opportunity, but it is not worth the investment. Choose social media platforms that have your target audience depending on what you are selling of course.

You can do this by first studying all the different platforms to clarify the one your target audience visits the most. Some of the platforms are more popular than others are, but this should not be your driving force. If you are targeting young celebrities, the first stop should be instagram then Facebook. If you are targeting mothers, you should not rule out Pinterest as it a favorite with many of them.

2. Put up captivating content

The content you choose for your website or ad is very important as it helps to capture the attention of your target audience. Today, many people are bust and do not have time to readtoo much written text. If you want to use written content, it should be short and precise it should be interesting otherwise, anything boring will have no one reading to the end. The best way to capture the attention of your audience is by having video content.

Images engage people more than text does. Use short video clips to explain what you are selling, the benefits of what you are selling and create tutorials and awareness of your products. To get the attention of the audience even more, you could do live videos occasionally to show them what you have in your business. Occasionally, you could also use customized memes to add more fun to your marketing strategy. Memes are fun to watch and they go viral fast.

3. Provide discounts, giveaways and contests

Another way of attracting traffic is by offering small things in exchange of something else. You could offer discounts to anyone buying goods worth a certain amount of money, provide giveaways for anyone that recommends a friend or two to your business or put up contests in exchange for favors. People like free things and there is no better way of introducing your brand name to the world than by giving freebies.

When you are doing this, you have to pick freebies that will excite your target audience and mention the terms and conditions that go with the giveaways. Make everything public and transparent to ensure that you garner trust from your audience.

Wrapping it up

The above are some of the easiest strategies to use if you want to capture the attention of your social media target audience. Being a startup does not mean you should wait until you start making profits to advertise your product. You should get it going from the start and nothing boosts a brand than a social media presence. All you need to do is to understand the preferences, needs and behaviors of your target audience and you are good to go.


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