20+ Top Best Job Apps and Websites To Get You Hired


If you are an unemployed professional looking to get hired then here are The 20+ Best Job Apps and Websites To Get You Hired.

Top Best Job Apps and Websites To Get You Hired: The best way to get employed today is to search for jobs online on websites and apps. Even the best of the best-recruiting agencies providing manpower recruitment services have started using online websites and application to look for potential candidates.

So, if you are an unemployed professional looking to get hired then you can’t miss to upload your resume on all the popular job apps and websites. However, before applying, you need to make sure that the platform you are using is a genuine one and have good job opportunities.

To make things easy for you we are going to share with you the 20+ best job websites and apps to get you hired. So, read this till the very end if you are eyeing some good job offers to come your way.


This job-hunting website was founded in 2010 by a former oracle software engineer. This website has over 9 million visitors in a single month. It has a wide range of listing from full time to part-time to work from home. Definitely, one of the best job-hunting websites for you get hired and for companies to recruit employees.


Unlike most of the website this website does not provide permanent hiring services rather Snagajob caters to hourly workers. It has over three hundred thousand employers who utilize the website to hire candidates. This amazing website was founded in 2000 and currently, also have an app. This website receives approximately 14 million visitors a month. So people looking for short term employment and good pay must visit the site or the application.


This website was founded in 1995 for easy employment. Careerbuilder is used by over one hundred thousand employers and has more than 20 million monthly visitors on the website. Like most sides this website allows you to upload your resume on the website with your skills and sample project if you want to provide it for reference. Here hiring managers and recruiters reach out to you directly. So don’t waste your time and build your career.


Originally zip recruiter was launched as a recruiting tool for employers and recruiters. Now it also has launched its own job board. This website became an instant hit with over 26 million visitors a month. So if you are looking for a job don’t miss this website out of your list.


We are pretty sure that you might have already heard about moster.com founded in 1999. This giant is used by over 100 thousand companies and has over 5 million jobs listed in its database. Every big company uses this website for recruiting purposes. This website really became a monster serving over twenty-seven million visitors on a monthly basis. Don’t miss, your chance to grab one of those jobs on moster.com.


This is a little more than just a job-hunting website as this website is not only used for searching jobs. It also contains company reviews, average salary a company offers, work environment, ratings, and other useful information and tools. With over 50 million monthly visitors it becomes one of the most used websites. Glassdoor is a website every job seeker should utilize for searching for their dream job.


Indeed.com was founded in 2004 and is used by hundreds and thousands of employers. The website is used by over two hundred and fifty-eight million job seekers worldwide. One of the best thing about the website is that it is super easy to navigate and move around the website. If you are serious about landing a job then you must definitely create a profile on indeed.

LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn is not your usual job searching and hunting application. Rather it is a professional social networking platform where job seekers and employees create their profile in order to create a name for themselves in the market. You can really expand your professional network just by creating and meeting new people on this platform. This is a great place for job seekers to directly contact any company’s manager for a job recommendation. Also unlike other social media network where you put your skills and other projects as your profile. Do check out this online social media network for work.


Beyond.com was founded in 1996 by the company Nexxtt incorporation. It has over 50 lakh, monthly visitors. So you can imagine how big of a database this website handles. You can easily find every premium company recruiting from this website. Even companies providing manpower recruitment services also use this website to hire people for themselves and for other companies. The website holds 121 ranks in compete rank list.


It is the best and the most popular platform for tech geeks. Every professional that has a technical background must definitely check this website out. Users can search for job-based on the company name, job title, employment type, location, and salary.

Google For Jobs

As the name suggests this is a google product that was released to help talented and skilled job seekers look for employment. This works in a similar way a search engine works that are it lists the various jobs available from various sources suggests the internet.


This platform is for people looking to work for a non-profit organization. This is the premium platform for people looking for full time, internship and volunteering work in non-profit sectors. If you are one of them then make sure that you are registered with this website.

Link up

Linkup .com is a platform created for distinct job information. That is if you are tired of duplicate jobs popping out again and again, spams and fraud then linkup is the right solution for you.

US Jobs

US.jobs has millions of jobs listed in its database. So any candidate using their website has access to the vast database of job vacancies.

Simply Hired

Simply hired is a website with the great and smooth running user interface. Well, the websites search results are not that relevant. However, the website is still popular due to its mobile app and a large pool of offers.


Although the website uses old format and user interface it is still very popular due to its honest job opportunities and search results. It’s also one of the best and nice places for companies to post jobs.

Robert Half

Robert Half is a popular staffing agency providing manpower recruitment services. However, this company also hosts the popular job search engine. So that people looking for jobs can get in touch with this staffing agency.


It is probably the only website that uses the blockchain technology. This technology allows users to instantly search for a job, apply, and then contact the employer directly. This new methodology is worth a try.

Job Aware

This is a full package as this website offers everything from companies rating, reviews, salary comparison, etc. This website sure makes the companies a lot transparent and recruitment process a lot easier.


Have you ever tried application likes tinder? If yes and you liked their user interface where you swipe left or right if you like someone or not. Then this application is for you, where you swipe left or right if you like a job or not. You can try this app out if tinder works pretty well for you.


This is a paid app that is meant for people looking for high profile jobs with a big fat pay.  So if you are someone who believes in their skills and thinks that it worth enough to be hired for at least a million-dollar package then this platform is for you. If you have faith in your potential then investing in this platform is definitely the best option for you.


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