Is iPhone 7S releasing much before iPhone 8?


Apple the multinational technology company has never let its users down and the devices launched by the company last year were also highly overwhelming. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus stole all attention and started selling out in numerous units. The design and the outlook of iPhone 7 resembled iPhone 6 but the device turned out to be dust and also water resistant when it got released. iPhone 7 is the very first Smartphone by Apple which can be kept underwater for almost 30 minutes which surely is a huge factor. And the new colour option for both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were appreciated by all the users. Especially the jet black variant took the technology world by storm and made the users go gaga over the colour. However, Apple iPhone 7S variant was also anticipated to be released along with 7 and 7 Plus last year but everyone got a little surprised when Apple didn’t come up with the iPhone 7s. So everyone thought that the company might have some other plans and release the iPhone 8 directly but now several speculations regarding iPhone 7S has emerged and there might be a possibility for the iPhone 7s to hit the market soon. But the question is would it launch much before the release of iPhone 8? Well! Nothing can be said at this very moment as there are only rumours and not any official statement regarding the launch date of iPhone 7s. Apple is definitely going to bring forward some more new devices this year but would the company also launch the next iPhone?

The launch of iPhone 7s may not be on the cards or might be as well, none of us are sure about it but that didn’t stop the users and the fans from anticipating about its features. There are reports which say that the iPhone 7s will also be water as well as dust resistant just like the iPhone 7 but its IP might be higher than its predecessor. And as far as the design of iPhone 7s is concerned it may sport the similar outlook like iPhone 7. It has been pointed out many times that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with LCD screens with OLED technology and this very speculation has now been associated with the rumoured iPhone 7s. So does that mean that both iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s will come up with the same feature? Well! Only time can tell that.

The jet black variant of iPhone 7 was highly appreciated by each and every user, there might be some new colour addition to the iPhone 7s if it launches but rumours say that the Apple may keep the jet black variant for iPhone 7s as well. Some sources say that the 7s may launch a red colour which sounds extremely exciting.

A dual vertical camera feature to the rumoured iPhone 7s might also be expected, therefore the next iPhone is surely going to be more convenient for the users. There is no confirmation on iPhone 7s but it will surely be appreciated by all the Apple fanatics.

However, iPhones have always grabbed attention and this time also it is going to attract countless users.


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