Apple iPad Mini 5 Set to be a Larger Version of the Apple iPhone 7?


Rumors and updates regarding the upcoming smartphones alongside the other electronic gadgets are making rounds over the internet as well as the offline market for quite a long while now. Among the ones which have hit the headlines on more occasions than many others, we have the devices from the house of Apple. Talking about Apple, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Apple iPhones. But this time round, we are here with the news related to yet another device from the house of Apple, the Apple iPad Mini 5.

There is a number of news that is making rounds since Apple gave it a miss last time round. Previously all the fans were left a bit unhappy with the developer skipping the release of the device when they launched the Apple iPhone 7. This is because, way back in 2015, Apple launched the Apple iPad Mini 4 alongside the release of the iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus. But they did not do so in 2016 when they launched Apple iPhone 7. And it is expected that the Cupertino-based smartphone making brand has finally made up its mind regarding the fact that the Apple iPad Mini 5 is going to be officially released in March this year.

The leaks that have surfaced over the last few days regarding the Apple iPad Mini 5 reveals the fact that the device is going to be a bigger version of the Apple iPhone 7 which is already available on the market. Well, that rumor is gaining momentum because of the fact that it has been reported in China that it will come with features that are going to be very similar to that of the Apple iPhone 7. In addition to that, the news has also revealed that the Apple iPad Mini 5 is going to have an Apple Pencil.


Fans of this miniature version of the iPad from Apple are expecting that the manufacturer is going to bring back the dark black variant of the device. The black variant of the first generation iPad Mini was an absolute hit, and that is something that the fans would love to see making a comeback. In addition to that, it would be really great to see the protection of the device getting battered from it has been in its predecessors. The IP68 certification for the device will definitely be the one that the buyers would like to have.

However, everything stands in a state of speculation, and all these that have been stated are subject to all sorts of confirmation. When the confirmation will come is not yet completely sure, but the tech enthusiasts across the world are keeping their fingers crossed regarding a release of the device in March. Now even if the device is released in the month of March, the consumers in the United Kingdom are reportedly not going to get the firsthand experience of the Apple iPad Mini 5 until the second half of the year. So there is still a long time before we can get a glimpse of the much-awaited Apple iPad Mini 5.


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