Instagram is the key to the future of all fashion bloggers!


In today’s world, one of the most popular modes of expression is blogging and through having personal websites. This trend has been adopted by a lot of people from all around the world. Not only is this an alternate medium to express ones we use but it has also become a lucrative source to generate income through several different ways for many people. In today’s world virtual economy has become increasingly strong and it is quite common to see people earning their bread through different types of innovative ways on the internet. Earning money from YouTube and blogging becomes a popular Trend in the last few years. Today many people are trying to experiment and explore blogging as an alternate source of income.

It has been seen that fashion blogs, travel blogs and blogs related to lifestyle are quite popular and have the stronger hand when compared to other types of topics. The viewership that these blogs enjoy is quite high and is mostly because people like to read about rich people and the lifestyles they follow. If you can incorporate social media into your blogs, then it can become a strong platform where you can express your ideas and your opinion.

In this article, you will learn how you can use Instagram to get more traffic on your fashion blog.

Blogging with Instagram

There are lots of users throughout the world, who have opted for using Instagram and other platforms of social media to publicize they are blogs. In the event that you have already used social media platforms then it is likely that you would know how social media features work and how social media is powerful and potent for promoting one’s work.

Instagram is the key to the future of all fashion bloggers!-2

Amazing career option

The profession of fashion blogging is a fantastic option as a career choice provided that you have got the essential skills to become one, and with that you must also know and understand how you are to be promoting your words start you will be getting certain tips and techniques here which will allow you to harness the power of Instagram specifically to promote your fashion website. It is essential that you understand that Instagram’s features will help you for promoting your business and will give you a lot of exposure to many followers who are great fashion enthusiasts. You can find a lot of suggestions that you can use when you understand third only how you can use Instagram for this particular purpose.

Use videos wisely

One of the features that Instagram has is its little videos. It will let users upload small videos which are of minute durations along with Boomerang videos which can get quite creative and also exciting to watch. In case you have your own YouTube channel where you upload content related to your fashion blog then you can consider linking it to your Instagram account. You can make small videos of your longer YouTube videos and then have them uploaded on your official Instagram profile, but at the same time, you must include links which will redirect your followers to your YouTube page in case they want to watch the whole video. This will drive more traffic to your YouTube channel as well. When you make the small videos, they will be like trailers or Pizzas and will excite your followers’ curiosity, and they will be willing to click on your YouTube link and watch the complete video. Not only will this increase the organic traffic of your YouTube channel but it will also make your business website get more viewers because once your followers get excited and addicted to your content, they will be more likely to come and visit your business website and your blog as well.

Images of products and appropriate hashtags

you must upload the images of the products which you use on your blog, and they should also be uploaded on your Instagram profile because it will allow your viewers to see similar images and hence this will allow them to relate with your fashion blog. You must share a minimum of one image which is connected to your blog posts on your profile on Instagram. This will give your followers an idea about which products you will be reviewing or perhaps recommending in your blog post. Your users must also see the proper hashtags alongside the photos like the description of the products. You must also create unique hashtags for your specific fashion blog, and you must use that in all the posts which you upload on Instagram and which is related or concerns your fashion blog. When you get to make this hashtag a bit popular, you will find your followers promoting your hashtag also because they will be using it in their posts which are related to your blog.

Promotional campaigns

In the event that you are an experienced fashion blogger then you will have some endorsements from various fashion brands this will allow you also to gain sponsorship from fashion labels. A lot of fashion houses hired the services of experienced and popular fashion bloggers to help them promote their designer labels. When you get such offers from a fashion label, you can use Instagram to make these promotional campaigns also just upload the photos of this new fashion brand on your Instagram profile and in the caption include links to their business website. This will direct your followers to the site of the fashion brand and will help them in their promotional campaign.

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Wrapping things up
Instagram is a powerful social platform to help generate more exposure to your fashion blog.


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