Make Your Website Connected to Your Instagram Account for Better Exposure


Business owners across the world opt for the various types of marketing techniques which rely on the internet to a large extent. There are many types of contemporary methods of digital marketing and with the evolving technologies; the methods are evolving as well. Keeping in mind the demands of the people who are looking for marketing with minimum investment, the digital marketing experts are coming up with more and more innovative and new ideas which are useful in gaining your business more exposure but at the same time not that costly either. Social media is a very potential option for promoting your business and website through it, and millions go people across the world rely on these marketing methods to reach out the right sources of traffic and people who are likely to be interested in your business and products.

How should you design your website?

The website design should be done such that it is easy to access for people and many people can easily get to the website and find what they need easily. It is imperative that you market the site properly such that the right audiences who can become prospective clients in the future can reach out to you. Here we are going to give specific tips and suggestions about how you can use your Instagram account and connect it with your website so that more and more people are able to reach out to you through the Instagram page. There are a number of ways in which you can promote your website if you are creative and innovative enough and have a reputed agency for digital marketing working for you.  The main criteria for marketing would be to reach out to the right audiences through your website.

Shortened link in the bio of Instagram account

It is very much essential that you can keep track of the traffic that is being driven to your website, and the various sources from where it is coming from. The Google analytics can keep track of traffic that you are getting on your site. There are different sources from where you can get traffic to your website, but for Google Analytics, it is difficult to detect the traffic that is coming from sources like Instagram which are primarily mobile application. When you create a link for your website and use it, the Google analytics can easily keep track of the traffic that you are getting by virtue of this link, and this can be detected even if it is from your mobile traffic sources. That is a significant reason why the shortened link is an excellent choice for keeping track of the traffic. When you design the website, creating such links for every page modification is necessary so that the people can reach out to your site and its latest updated version.

Social media button on the website

You can easily place a social media button on your site design when you are creating the website. You can put Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media buttons on the website so that people can reach back to your content easily even from the social media pages. They can also link to your social media pages through your site and get all the support they need. For many people who are trying to establish their website for their business, proper social media linking is critical so that they can get more exposure from the right traffic sources that are available to them. The social media buttons are available on the website designing interface in the form of plug ins, and you can plainly add them on the page and decide where it is going to be displayed on the page. You can gain followers for Instagram as well through the Instagram button when people who are visiting the website decide to connect with your social media pages through the respective buttons. To a number of people, it is hence a significant task to ensure they have an active social media page that is connected to their business website.

Seek professional help

There are many reputed digital marketing companies which provide all kind of marketing services and can help you out regarding the helps you need. you can easily get in touch with them for website designing solutions as well as for managing the social media pages that you have. Once you decide the help that you need from the experts, you can easily get in touch with them and ask for the services. There are different packages for the services you need, and you can negotiate with the digital marketing professionals regarding the designs that you need and manage the entire marketing strategy effectively. To those people who have a clear conception of the marketing techniques online, the professionals can provide help to save time such that they are able to concentrate on other aspects of the business apart from the marketing front of the company.


There are different types of website design and planning that you must take into consideration to ensure that your website can be easily discovered by anyone and everyone on any search engine. There are different types of social media platforms that you can add to your site and ensure that your website can reach out to the target audiences easily. To ensure that the website design is executed correctly, it is always better to seek the support of the experts in digital marketing who provide all kinds of services related to ensuring that your business can prosper online.


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