Different Ways to Earn Money from YouTube and Other Video Websites


We all are living in the digital age and in this era nothing is impossible. Yes, not even, to earn money from home or online. There are numerous ways by following which one can make sufficient amount of money. The different ways include various activities for making money counting working with freelancing sites; profit generated by e-books, blogging and many more activities of this domain.

But one of the important ways which is in the boom is to Earn Money from YouTube and Other Video Websites. And why it shouldn’t be, like approximately every person who has access to YouTube and other Video sites, are used to watch videos on these websites. They use these sites either for their entertainment or for learning something or any other purpose of their interest. Furthermore, that is what required to make a video popular, in simple words a huge audience base and hence a way to make money from that. Many popular social media and video marketing companies do follow this concept and hence get their videos popular in short span of time.

Thus, now the question is that what are the methods by following them one can make money from YouTube Videos. So how it is possible to let I enlighten you with the methods to go through to earn money from your YouTube videos.

  • First Need is Marvelous Videos

Nothing gets success overnight; it takes the time to do so. The same principle also applies to the account of Videos on YouTube and earning money from YouTube Videos as well. It takes great efforts, in-depth research and creative approach to making videos outstanding, worth watching and sharing. Thus in simple words, it takes dedicated efforts to make videos marvelous. Since it is the indisputable reality that a video without having something exceptional, precious in it can’t get eminence and hence money too.

  • Provide Basic of Your Services and Products For Free

It is also one of the best ways to earn money from YouTube videos. It is also known as Freemium. Freemium is a term which can be explained as providing the basic (limited access) services and products of your business so that they can think for going premium or paid services and products of your business. It is a very simple concept that if you’re targeted audiences like your freemium package, then they will not think to pay to you for up-gradation as they will be already aware of your services and products.  And in this way, you will also gain some great leads which can be converted into your permanent clients by keeping consistency in your services.

  • Be a Partner of YouTube

It is one of the trending ways to earn money from YouTube Videos. Yes, by being a partner with YouTube you can make money from your videos. This process is also known as YouTube Monetization. In this process of YouTube Monetization, YouTube just sorts ads at the start, end or even in between the videos. The method of payment is extremely simple as on every thousand views on your videos or video, and you will get paid as per their decided amount for the video.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also among one of the ways to make money from YouTube Videos. Now how can affiliate marketing help to do so? Let I elucidate that how can you earn money by affiliate marketing. In Affiliate Marketing you can simply mention their goods and services in your videos or either can make entire videos on their products and services. And as soon as anyone buys goods or services from them for whom you are doing affiliate marketing you will get paid. The income from the affiliate marketing is in usual serve to a good sum of funds.

  • Sponsoring Your YouTube Videos

Yes, by sponsoring your videos you can also earn money from YouTube Videos. Now the big question is that how can you make your videos sponsored? You can do it so by simply joining sponsors program. Now you can get sponsors only when you have good audience base and a popular channel full of popular videos. It is because of the fact that, in sponsors program, they will promote their goods and services (so they will also look for a huge audience base) either at the start, at the end of your YouTube videos just live the TV Ads and for that, you will get money.

Methods to Make Money Online From Other Video Sites

YouTube is a well-known platform but other than the YouTube; there are an enormous number of different Video Websites are present in the marketplace which can also help you to make money from Videos of yours.

Below are the additional video websites:-

  • With Vimeo:-

Vimeo is also an excellent choice to go for, for earning money from Videos. In this Vimeo provide the income to the video maker which is generated by the amount of the tip given by the different Vimeo users for a particular video, if they want to do so. This tip ranges from $1 to $500.

  • With DailyMotion:-

In Dailymotion, you can become a motion maker and earn money from your videos. The only thing you have to do is to make a compelling video and to make it famous by promoting it, as Dailymotion pays to eminent videos for the every part of the income generated by advertising on these videos.

  • With MetaCafe:-

Metacafe is also one of the best websites which helps you to make money for your videos. For every 1000 page views, it pays $5. So by this, it is quite simple that as long as your video gets views you can earn huge amount of money from it. And for this, you have just to promote your videos across the internet to enhance its views.

So what was the most interesting part of the article and you have learned from it. Please tell me in the comment section below about your views, tips and other suggestions if there are any. Also don’t forget to show your love by sharing it over different social channels to make others also aware of the means of earning through videos.


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