6 Hacks to Know Before You Choose a Domain Name Registration Company


So, you want to give a face lift to your business, and set up a new website. It sounds great. You will probably be looking for a domain name. Actually, domain name is a great way to give a fresh start to own a website as well as create a personalized email address. Here are some hard facts you should keep in mind and step-by-step directions to buy an available domain name and haggle for an occupied one.

1. What Affects Price and Value

You should always weight the factors that can affect the price and value of domain names. Remember that a great domain name is unique, simple and that can be easily remembered. Price isn’t the central value. It depends on several factors such as number of words, length, ease of spelling, and how much traffic it would generate without being promoted.

If you choose to buy one-word name, especially .com domain, it will be expensive. Reason being, it has a lot of potential uses. You can check them online to ensure its availability.

For example, suppose you want xyz.com. You can check it whether it is available for you or not. It may be that some has already taken this name. However, you can check with the current owner to haggle for this occupied domain.

A leading domain name registration and hosting company can provide you with options to bargain for buy xyz.com from the individual who has taken it.

Or else, you check with some other name or extensions like:

  • net
  • in
  • biz
  • org
  • co.in and much more.

So, the extensions you choose affect the price of the name.

2. Can you control your domain name?

That’s a million-dollar question. When you choose a domain name, ensure that you are able to control its every aspect. Many companies don’t allow owners to make changes to their domains themselves. In that case, you will need to request them through their customer support systems and wait days for their help. Before purchasing the name, you should make sure whether you can change IPS tags, change name servers via your control panel.

3. ICANN-accredited Company

It is good to go through an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar. Such company is reliable and provides complete assistance to its customers. A company which is ICANN certified goes through all the norms set of the ICANN, which is an expensive and in-depth process. ICANN certification lets you know that the company is committed. So, before choosing any domain name registrar, make sure it is certified by ICANN whether you have chosen expensive or cheap domains.

4. Transfer Fee

Don’t ignore to check if there are any additional charges imposed on you when you choose to transfer the domain name in future.  Many domain name registration companies charge a transfer fee or release fee every time you choose to change extensions. This charge is completely baseless.

5. Domain’s in Other’s Name

Registering your domain name in other’s name is not a good idea. Never do this. Your friends or cousin may be tech master. You may lose your website overnight if they don’t remember to renew the domain.

6. Email Account Charge

Many companies charge for adding email accounts. They don’t include email or charge extra for it. In most of the cases, you only get your email in advance. You should be assures how many email accounts you are getting. It should normally be 15-20 POP3 email accounts for free of charge with your domain.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to revamp your existing business or establish a new one, a domain name plays a great role. So, before going to choosing any domain registering company, make sure you have considered all the points given above.

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