20 Best Tools To Develop and Design Your Website


A good-looking, user-friendly and sleek website can do wonders for any business. While a lackluster website can be quite a turn-off, a website that has the oomph can be quite an alluring one. Hence to create the right first impression it is important to have a website that speaks and attracts the client without overwhelming them. But having a good website designing or developing tool is not only about creating beautiful designs rather it will help the designer or the developer to organize the items for the website better. It will help in streamlining the workflow, improve the efficiency of the work, and solve issues that will help in improving the user ratings. Most important of all will allow the developer or designer to skip repetitive work while reducing their effort and time by simplifying the process. This blog will give the names of 20 best tools that can be used for designing and developing a website. There will be two categories, one that will list the paid tools & the other free tools.

Free Tools For Designing and Developing Website

1. Fontello

It can be quite a headache to find icons that would cover all the bases. Fontello gives the developers and designers the choice of selecting all the icons that they need and also glyphs that can be compiled into the set they want. One can download the entire set from GitHub repository or customize them at fontello.com interface.

2. Foundation 3

The tool developed by ZURB allows the developer to use it as a blueprint for a project to gauge the responsiveness of the website. It also allows the developer to identify the current issues that the web might face. Furthermore, its latest release has a simplified grid structure that enables the user to jump to SASS/Compass for a more flexible approach.

3. Sencha Touch 2

It is a great choice for mobile development framework. It has an improved API better training materials, stronger docs, and firmed-up native integration.

4. Adobe Edge Inspect

One of the easiest tools to work within the market. Previously known as Adobe Shadow, with the tool you can just pair your device with the machine, the sites will automatically get connected to the device. If you want to play with code all you need to do is click on the angle brackets.

5. Brackets

Brackets provide a refreshing look into the development process. While all the code editors and the development tasks might feel repetitive, Brackets gives you a better experience in developing the site.

6. Modernizer 2.6

It has better geo location, detections, and WebGL. This enables the tool for progressive enhancement cabal. The list of updates that the version has come up with is quite impressive. So if you are one of those developers or designers who wish to use the latest features this tool is for you.

7. Trello

Trello allows the designer to identify all the ins and outs of the project at once. It gives the user all that he/she requires to turn the project into something lucrative and big without any confusion.

8. TypeCast beta-Free only in beta

There are thousands of fonts there and it can be quite confusing into what to select. TypeCast allows you to select fonts from Fonts.com, TypeKit, FontDeck, and Google. Also lets you create and style them while comparing them. You need to pay only after you finalize the font.

9. Yeoman

Google has given Yeoman so that the user can find the best customizable banner, new web apps and updated packages in a single place. It auto complies the codes and also optimizing the images.

10. Emmet

This allows you to get rid of the repetitive task of coding by giving you ‘snippets’. It also saves lots of time you are coding manually.

11. Microsoft WebMatrix 2

It gives the developer a great IDE experience irrespective of the language or framework preferred. It is helpful, unobtrusive, fast, and clean to work with.

12. PhoneGap 2.0

It has a far-reaching platform that gives developers a single point for compilation.

13. Firefox 18

It has introduced technologies like IndexdDB, Web Sockets, and Web Console and Javascript scratchpad. It has given developers to play and explore new possibilities in their project.

14. Photon

A bit tricky to work with but if you can get your head around it, the tool is exceptional for creating 3D effects.

15. Bugherd

A developer’s job gets more complicated once the website is launch. It is at this time the client starts receiving feedback on the website and so s/he starts mailing these confused and mangled mails, feedbacks and requests to the developer. BugHerd helps the developer to organize the feedback, bugs and fix them without getting bogged down. It has a friendly interface that allows the members to work on the issues progressively.

16. Pronto.io

The tool allows the developer to handle all the animations and touch gestures while allowing a platform for commenting and sharing. It is a good prototyping tool that can be set up fast and running while allowing you to build in refined ideas.

17. Dreamweaver CS6

This all-rounder Adobe’s has fluid layouts, allows a seamless CSS3 transition and better support lead for PhoneGap. It balances the broad functionality while keeping out of the user’s way.

18. Cloud9 IDE

The tool has made quite a progress that allows developers to collaborate on a large project from anywhere. There are features like FTP integration, code completion, smart drag and drop document trees. Also, each user in a multiuser project is given a colored cursor and works can be done offline too.

19. Gridset

With all the arithmetic involved in a grid it becomes difficult to use while designing and developing a web. Gridset allows the developer to play with the grid without the worry of the arithmetic. The codes are generous in size that allows covering all the bases.

20. Sublime Text 2

The tool offers you minimalist approach in coding with a simple text editor that gives a seamless wiring experience. It supports quite a few languages so you can write it like the way you want it.

With these new tools web designing and developing has become fun. It is no longer a tedious job with a hassle.


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