5 of the Best Books to Read for Entrepreneurs in 2024


The world of entrepreneurship is one of rapid growth and continuous learning. If you’re not improving, learning, and growing, then you are definitely doomed to failure. But not to worry, it’s never too late to get on the personal development train.

From being able to answer tough questions like “am I doing the right things?” and “is this investment worth it?” or simple questions like “what do I do when I’ve lost my W2?” and “how do I submit my personal taxes?” It’s always a good option to brush up on your entrepreneurial skills.

Here are the best books to read for entrepreneurs regarding finances and leadership.

1Barbarian at the Gate by Bryan Burrough and John Heylar

A classic fundamental and entrepreneur book list, Burrough retells the true story of the leveraged RJR Nabisco buyout and America’s corporate greed during the ’80s. Essentially this book is your guide to how not to run a business. It dives into the inner workings of tax evasion participation by the rich at the time.

2Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis

A semi-autobiographical book about Michael Lewis’s career on Wall Street starting as a bond salesman and ultimately catching a ride on the gold rush of the time. This book will keep you motivated to reach the top as your progress through your carer.

Definitely a must-add to your best books for young entrepreneurs as well as seasoned veterans list.

3The Frackers by Gregory Zuckerman

Let’s be honest, not many people know what fracking is and you don’t need to either to appreciate this book. Zuckerman writes about the few individuals who risk it all despite the odds to invest in fracking and made out quite well.

The main message in this book is that sometimes in business you just have to go for it, especially if you really believe in something. You might lose, but if you win you’ll win big.

4The Smartest Guys in the Room by Bethany McLean & Peter Elkind

The Enron scandal made big headlines, and to this day is the biggest business story of our time. McLean and Elkind will take you right into the underbelly of Enron from its quick rise to its highly publicized fall.

Add it to your list of what not to do in business.

5Too Big to Fail: Inside the Battle to Save Wallstreet by Andrew Ross Sorkin

A 2011 HBO adaptation, Too Big to Fail chronicles the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the subsequent demise of The Lehman Brothers. Sorkin writes from the collected perspective of the leaders in the financial industry along with industry regulators to recant the details of their thoughts, discussions, and decision-making process during that time.

A great read for those looking to dive a little deeper into risk management and business disaster preparation plans to help get the gears turning on your own backup plans making the list of best finance books for entrepreneurs.

Best Books to Read for Entrepreneurs

With these 5 great books, you’ll be well on your way to better understanding the business world and further developing your skills and knowledge. Don’t forget to save these titles for your next bookstore trip!

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