Avoid These Common Teaching Interview Mistakes!


If you’re green when it comes to interviewing, make sure you look before you leap. You are eager to start a career in teaching, and you’ve worked so hard to make it this far. Congratulate yourself!

Now, you have landed your first interview. Do you know what to prepare? What questions will the interviewer ask? How can you calm your nerves?

The best thing to do is to not panic. Then, take some time before your scheduled interview to study common teacher interview questions and answers. The article below highlights a list of what not to do during your teaching interview.

Bring Nothing

The first mistake to avoid is not coming prepared with everything you need. As a current or future teacher, you must always have everything prepared in advance. If you arrive at the interview with nothing to show – no resume, sample lesson plan, or past certificates – you will probably be shown the door right away.

Have No Lesson Plan

An eager interviewer will want to jump right into the technical side of the interview. After getting to know you, they will want to know if you have a sample lesson plan prepared. Make sure you definitely do. Show them your lesson plan and walk them through a typical day in the life of your classroom. This will show that you are an effective planner and your lesson plan takes engagement and accuracy into account.

Under dress

The teaching world is typically a formal one, but some people still show up to job interviews wearing tank tops and jeans full of holes. Obviously, you want to look presentable in front of the school staff and students at all times. When you aren’t sure exactly how the interviewer wants you to dress, err on the side of professional. The nicer you dress, the more professional you will look – and feel!

Over-Prepare Your Lesson Plan

While you definitely want to come prepared with a lesson plan, you shouldn’t try to include every detail at once. You can focus on one part of the topic of your choosing. Make it something that both you and your kiddos can be excited about. Don’t choose something dry and boring that adds no value to the lesson. Make it a sample of something you would do with your students in real life.

Forget Your Teaching Materials

You might be asked to start your lesson right off the bat. As if you were already stepping into the classroom on the first day of school. In case your interviewer asks you for an impromptu lesson, make sure you come prepared. Bring pencils, paper, dry erase markers, info packets, and anything else you need to supplement your lesson plan with. Print out everything in advance. Check out http://wallstreetshiah.com/ for more in-depth articles about how you can ace your teaching interviews and get the job you’ve always wanted.

Know Nothing About the School

One of the first questions a recruiter will ask you is what you know about the school, and why you want to work there specifically. If you come to your interview knowing nothing, you will definitely not be considered for the position. You need to take some time beforehand to study the school and learn about what makes you like that school in particular.

Be Intimidated

Above all, you want to show that you are confident and enthusiastic about the position. If every question intimidates you, your lack of self-confidence will surely show through. Make sure that you are as prepared as possible by the time your interview comes. You should be prepared to answer any and all questions thrown your way. Come prepared, research everything you need to know, and there’s nothing that won’t phase you on the day of. Good luck!


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