4 Signs it is Time for a Career Change


Trying to find the perfect career is more difficult than it seems. While people will dream about what they want to do when they are at school, few know what they want to do when entering the workforce.

This is evidenced by how often people change their job during their lifetime. Based on statistics of the average person aged 50 years old who started working at 18, they will have had 12 different jobs in total.

So if you are at the stage where you’re contemplating a career change, you’re far from alone. Making the leap, however, can often be a daunting prospect. You could be leaving a stable career behind and venturing into a world of the unknown.

With that said, switching careers can be a necessity – whether it is due to finances or your personal wellbeing. Below are four signs that suggest a career change is a right move to make.

1You dread the thought of work

Nobody is immune from those days where you rest in bed, continually hitting the snooze button in the hope of not needing to get up for work. This could be due to the anxiety of trying to meet a tight deadline or because the work doesn’t excite you at all.

Yet if this is happening regularly, where you dread the thought of going to your job and only look forward to the weekend, this is never a way to live.

2You’re only in it for the money

Money will be a major factor, yes, but it shouldn’t be the only reason you are working in a certain role. Financial security and having enough expendable money to follow your interests are important for any job. However, earning a ton of money isn’t worth sacrificing your happiness. Both professional and personal satisfaction beats a large pay packet each month.

3You daydream of an alternative career

If you are spending your workday imagining a different role, browsing job listings, and fantasizing how you’d hand in your notice, this is a clear sign you need to escape from your current career and into a job that interests you.

The good news is there are more opportunities than ever to follow your dream. Say you want to work in an advanced position like an office manager. Instead of leaving your current role, you could join an online educational institution to earn a business administration diploma. This allows you to gain the knowledge and skills for the role, ideally preparing you to move on from your existing job position.

Maybe you’re considering a career in finance. In this case, obtaining relevant certifications is essential. One such certification is Series 7, a requirement for individuals looking to become licensed securities professionals. To prepare effectively, you can take free Series 7 practice exams offered by Career Employer test experts. These practice exams are designed to simulate real testing conditions and help you build the knowledge and confidence needed to start your finance career.

4Your personal life is being affected

Your workday should be a challenging one, not debilitating. Yet if your work is leaving you chronically exhausted, experiencing headaches, or suffering from other physical symptoms, your body might be telling you this isn’t the right job. If you’re forever stressed and agitated by your career, this can also harm relationships with those closest to you.

When your work is causing mental or physical anguish, it’s time to start searching for new pastures.


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