How to Find a Drop Shipping Supplier


Finding the right drop shipping supplier is quite a task. At first glance, it’s extremely difficult to tell the right ones from the bad, especially that they don’t really market themselves to the audiences; it’s hard to find anything without looking properly. You need to know that it will probably take some time but it’s better to do some thorough research before deciding on anything. Of course, there are many tools and apps that can help you with the task but, according to the experts from, it’s not a guarantee, as very often it’s possible to find winning products without any outside help. How can you find a dropshipping supplier and be sure that it’s the right one?

Research is vital

It’s a logical thing to do. Since you already know what you would like to sell, you have to find out what’s really out there for you to choose from. You need to know exactly what you need in order to decide well – whether you want a domestic or foreign supplier which should depend on the predicted sales. Be sure you know everything about their service potential, raw material sourcing or delivery time so that you won’t be surprised in the future.

Don’t avoid contact even on early stages

Whenever you find a supplier that you think may suit your needs, contact them. Make sure you ask them all the possible questions. There are no stupid ones – better safe than sorry. Don’t ever start any relationship if you have any doubts. Many suppliers allow you to talk to their other clients so that you can get the whole picture. It’s important to start on the right foot – mutual trust is the foundation of all beneficial relationships. You have the same goal so answer each other’s questions and resolve any conflicts reasonably.

Order samples

Don’t buy a pig in a poke. Once you’ve initially decided on some suppliers, order samples from them for yourself – see how their services really look like. Be sure that it’s high quality, that the delivery time is acceptable, the package is safe and there are no issues on the way. If you’re happy with the experience, it means that your future clients will probably be satisfied as well. You can also find out if any of your competitors are working with the same supplier. If yes, it may be a good idea to order something from them to test their services as a regular client. If not, you can still buy a thing or two to see how the sale should (or shouldn’t) proceed.

Make sure the supplier meets all your needs

There are times when you think that you find the right one – the products are great, reviews even better, so why shouldn’t you go for it? Well, it’s important to find someone who truly fits your business needs. There may be an issue with their return policy or they use some raw materials that you don’t want to sell. That’s why it’s crucial to ask the right questions. Of course, you can always end your partnership even after the decision has been made but the damage may already be done – you shouldn’t take any more chances than necessary.

Know what to avoid

It’s not always easy to tell that a supplier shouldn’t even be considered but there are definitely some red flags that you have to avoid at all costs. Of course, you need to always read reviews, comments and any other form of feedback before contacting anyone and you should be careful when the prices seem too good. What’s more, try not to make business with suppliers who insist on monthly or ongoing fees – it may mean that they are part of a much bigger directory; single suppliers are preferred. You need to check the pre-order fees which are a normal thing but sometimes they go unusually high – you don’t want that. Plus, remember the minimum order size; some suppliers are better suited for wholesale.

Now you know what to do and what you should be looking for in order to avoid some major pitfalls. Remember that it’s important to know what you want – what kind of products you would like to sell, but also the quality of your (hence your suppliers’) services. So let’s get to work! There’s no time to waste. And good luck!


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