What Strategies Can Nurses Use To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance?


Nursing is one of the most popular roles in healthcare and is critical to the health of the nation. This makes people who work in the sector important to our overall wellbeing and vital for keeping us all in top shape. But what about the health of nurses themselves?

It goes without saying that people in these roles need to remain healthy, in order to provide the best care for patients. Key to this for nurses is achieving a sensible work-life balance that leaves them able to perform their duties competently. By achieving this balance, nurses not only enjoy their job more but also have the energy and mental freshness to carry it out effectively.

But what strategies can those who work in nursing use to maintain a good work-life balance?

Approach education in the right way

Although strategies for getting a healthy work-life balance might seem to focus on life post-education, it is actually critical when training to move into the sector. Making sure that you have the right balance between your studies and your personal life is just as important as balancing any future role with your life outside of nursing.

A good tip here is to really think about the options you have around education, and which work best for you in terms of overall balance in life. This may mean looking at the best courses available, seeing what they involve, and then working out how they will fit into your life smoothly.

The online accelerated ABSN program from the University of Indianapolis is a case in point and requires students to study full-time. This can actually be good for work-life balance because you can avoid havingto work andstudy at the same time. Many people find this type of option much better in terms of balance and means that they can get the training they need but also still have a life outside of nursing/education.

Don’t take on too much at work

Achieving a good work-life balance is vital for people across all industries but is especially key in nursing. It is obvious that there are two sides to this: the work aspect of it and how you approach your time away from your job. A good strategy in terms of work is remembering not to take too much on and not always be agreeing to cover shifts or work late.

These are easy habits for nurses to fall into but can be very damaging in terms of balancing your overall life. While it is important to help out at times, be careful that you are not constantly working and leaving little time for life outside of the job.

Many nurses will also focus on their schedule when it comes to balancing their working and personal lives. You may, for example, try to pick up shifts that tie in with your personal life better. This can mean that you are not working when your partner/children are free and have more time to spend with family.

Make time to have fun – but don’t go too crazy!

When it comes to achieving a good balance between work and your personal life, it is also key to focus on your life outside of nursing. By ensuring that this is in good order, you should be able to synch it up with work to get the best results.

One excellent tip is to not let work take over your personal life and spend your free time doing something away from nursing, such as yoga classes to relax or cooking for fun. This will allow you to switch off from your job and make the most of your time away from healthcare. Doing something fun that is not about nursing will also make you feel happy, help you avoid getting burnt out by work, and give you something to do with friends/family.

Another useful tip for nurses in regard to achieving a work-life balance is not cramming too much into your free time. While doing some fun activities is good, you do not want to make your personal life as busy as your working one! This can leave you burnt out and feeling tired when you do go back on shift. Try to leave some time for relaxing, sleeping and generally recovering from the business of work.

A healthy work-life balance is key for nurses

There is no doubt that nurses must maintain a healthy work-life balance. This allows them to be more effective in their role, while also enjoying life outside the sector. Achieving a good balance makes life much more enjoyable and sees you get the most from all aspects of it – both professional and personal.


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