How Do We Handle Any Kind of Interview?


An interview, the simple process of question and answer, has been a fundamental method by which we brand and introduce ourselves to others. As an individual facing the heat of bold questions, you can often find yourself in a situation where your narrative is no longer under your control. It can happen in any type of interview be it a job interview, personal interview, or even an interview that involves a panel.

The common misconception among people is that the number of interviewers asking you questions matters. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The vital ingredient in a successful interview is confidence, preparedness, and critical thinking. Luckily, these are skills that can easily be honed with the help of interview preparation services.

Confidence is the Key to Success

Interviews generally do not last long. It is almost like a commercial- where the first few seconds count the most. Confidence sets the tone of the conversation. The recruiter or interviewer will give you credibility and benefit of the doubt if you talk with confidence. It is one of the most important qualities, regardless of the qualifications and accomplishments that you discuss throughout the interview.

Uncertainty and nervous energy are often translated to the interviewer that you do not have complete knowledge or confidence in your skills. Trust in yourself is contagious. If you trust in yourself, then it is likely that the recruiters will trust you too.

Through the interview preparation services offered by My Interview Practice, you can ace any interview. Their curriculum is structured to brace you for any kind of discussion.

Step-by-Step Until You are Confident

Of course, confidence is not just about blindly trusting yourself with questions you don’t know the answers to. That is why the training program conducted by My Interview Practice emphasizes the importance of preparedness.

It is through preparation that you can familiarize yourself with different questions and different ways to answer it, depending on what direction you want the interview to take.

The steps contained within the interview preparation services include the following.

  • Performing company research so you would be more comfortable talking about where the company fits into society’s ecosystem of businesses.
  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses, as well as how you would be able to take advantage of your strength to co-opt your weaknesses.
  • Understanding behavioral & situational questions and how you can best think of an appropriate answer that is aligned with your work ethics.

Each step is coupled with a worksheet. The worksheet is designed to make sure that your discovery about the company and yourself is headed in the right direction.

It is easy to feel a little bit more confident when you have familiarized yourself with different sorts of questions and situations. The culmination of My Interview Practice’s strategy is to allow you to acquaint yourself with your strengths and weaknesses and be comfortable with the contribution that stems from those strengths.

Real confidence comes from within when coupled properly with ways of developing skills to be confident.


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