The Best Apps for Converting YouTube Videos to Audio format for Mac and Windows


The popularity of YouTube has exponentially grown due to the enormous interest of the internet user. It is one of the biggest platforms to get hold of your favorite video. Some of us carry out other options such as vlogging and many more. Some of us like the video content and some of us want to extract the audio format from the video. This is a complicated process, but if you are in a low network zone and unable to watch the video then you can convert it to mp3 format by some of the software.

One of that application which helps to convert them is Airy.

Overview of Airy

Airy is an application that is developed for the Mac operating system for downloading YouTube videos and extracting the audio. But after some of the updated versions, it now supports the Windows OS also. this application is developed by Eltima Software. With the help of these applications, you can easily extract audio from the video available on YouTube.

Steps for the usage

The following are the four handy and simple steps by which you can download and convert the video file into an audio format.

  • Just go to the Airy website and download the app as per your system requirements. You can either download it for Mac or Windows.

download the app

  • Execute the setup file after download and install the application.

Execute the setup file after download and install

  • Just enter the link of the YouTube video you desire to convert and paste it in the “paste URL” section of the application.

enter the link of the YouTube video

  • After that, you will get a prompt for a different download option. You can either select all if you want to download all the videos or the desired one.

different download option

  • The conversion and downloading will depend upon your network speed.

conversion and downloading will depend upon your network speed

Additionally, you also get a feature for pausing, resuming or canceling the process at any time.

Perks of using this app

  • Get YouTube contents without any advertisement
  • Fast speed and high-quality videos just at one click
  • Easy extraction of audio from video
  • Vivid range of format and resolution to choose from
  • This can act as an add-on for your browser
  • You can also access the blocked or age-restricted content.


At last, this app helps a lot in downloading and converting. You will never need any help from others for extracting audio from video. Just a minute will provide you the desired audio.


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