5 Rewarding Healthcare Administration Career Options to Consider


Are you looking to begin a new career? Are you wondering about the benefits of working in healthcare?

Believe it or not, healthcare career options extend far beyond becoming a doctor or nurse. In fact, many offer good salaries and require less training than you’d think.

Here’s what you need to know about healthcare administration career options.

1Medical Administrative Assistant

A medical administrative assistant in the U.S. can make over $50,000 a year. You can also earn excellent benefits.

While some healthcare careers require years or even decades of schooling before you can start, you can earn a degree in medical assisting in less than a year. These can be earned at a community college, vocational school, or online healthcare school.

Medical assistants enjoy excellent work prospects and a steady schedule. There’s also plenty of room for advancement if you work hard and demonstrate responsibility. Medical assistants provide a variety of services and are rarely bored with their jobs.

2Healthcare Manager

Healthcare managers enjoy a variety of tasks at the center of the business side of healthcare. They are often in charge of budgeting, scheduling, and finding new ways to improve healthcare. Healthcare managers may order supplies, administer payroll, and send out communications.

The average healthcare manager can make over $115,000 per year. They also enjoy excellent benefits that include insurance and retirement packages.

Working in healthcare management requires an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. You’ll take classes in subjects like marketing, nursing administration, and human resources.

Once you’ve completed your education, you’ll have a wide range of opportunities available. They could be in hospitals, nursing homes, or doctor’s offices. You could also work on the federal level with determining laws and regulations.

3Healthcare Accounting

Healthcare accountants gather and analyze financial data for healthcare organizations. They may maintain balance sheets, cash flow information, and financial reports. Healthcare organizations then make important decisions based on the data.

A healthcare accountant’s work will impact patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies. They will be responsible for debts, financial reporting, and tax filing.

Healthcare accountants can earn over $100,000 per year. You’ll need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Topics studied will include auditing and operations management.

There is a growing demand for healthcare accountants in an expanding industry. In addition, there are a number of opportunities for advancement. You can pursue more specialized positions such as a budget analyst or a Certified Public Accountant.

4Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician helps a pharmacist to prepare prescriptions for customers. They may mix medications, organize inventory, or take refill orders. Much of their responsibilities will depend upon the state where they work.

Pharmacy technicians can make over $46,000 per year. Their actual salary will depend upon their level of expertise, experience, and education.

Some pharmacy technicians are required to have only a high school diploma. However, an increasing number of employers prefer applicants who have attended a formal training program.

Pharmacy technicians do meaningful work that helps people. And, unlike many other healthcare professions, you can get employed with less than a year of training.

Pharmacy technicians perform a variety of duties and enjoy a number of advancement opportunities. If you’re looking for a job that will keep you on your toes and introduce you to folks from all walks of life, a career as a pharmacy technician could be right for you.

5Medical Coder

If you have an associate’s degree in health information technology, you can get a job as a medical coder. These professionals review patient information so data can be recorded properly. Often, they are looking for things such as pre-existing conditions.

Medical coders work as a go-between for healthcare providers and business offices. They review patient files and make sure everything in them is translated into universal codes used by insurance companies.

Medical coders enjoy flexible hours and the ability to work in a variety of settings. They can even work from home. The training required takes less than a year, and there is a growing demand in the profession.

The Benefits of Online Programs

Every healthcare management career path requires at least some degree of training. Getting into some professions, however, requires training that can get completed in less than a year.

In today’s day, many of us have busy professional and personal lives. You may have dependent children, another job, or a sick relative who depends on you for support.

It’s difficult to begin a new career with so many other responsibilities. This can make getting the training you need to earn a higher salary and better career opportunities seem almost impossible.

In today’s world, however, online training programs offer excellent opportunities to many. They offer flexible schedules so you can complete your work when you have time. You can also take your courses when you aren’t home.

Online courses allow you access to quality instructors with who you can communicate and get regular feedback. They’re also more affordable than other classes. Many course materials are also provided online so you won’t have to pay extra for them.

If you’ve always wondered about a career in healthcare but thought you didn’t have the time to train for one, online classes afford you a unique opportunity to move forward.

Medical residents specializing in Pediatrics can access online resources like ABP board review exam prep by TrueLearn to prepare for the exams and enhance their knowledge and skills.

Healthcare Administration Career Options

Careers in healthcare offer excellent salaries, flexible schedules, and unique opportunities for advancement. Many healthcare administration career options require some basic training. With the right program, you could be enjoying an exciting new career in no time.

Don’t stop getting smart about your career and education now. For more great advice, read our blog today.


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