Engagement Ring Trends For 2019


The new year can bring about new changes. Just like any other fashion trend, trends with engagement rings come and go. While there are some classic styles that are always good stand-bys, many women are becoming more adventures with their engagement rings. Here are our predictions for engagement ring trends for the new year:

Yellow Gold

2018 saw the rose gold setting trend peak and soon-to-be brides now seem to be opting for the classic yellow gold metal. This classic metal is great for any kind of setting. Whether you are looking for a more classic or modern look, yellow gold looks chic and lavish in any style. This trend could also be rising due to its popularity with many celebrities such as Meghan Markle, whose engagement ring follows two trends: yellow gold setting and three-stone diamonds.

Three-stone Rings

The three-stone ring seems to be catching some attention again. Just as the name describes, it includes three stones with a prominent stone in the middle of smaller stones. The classic look is said to represent a couple’s past, present, and future. This classic style may not be a new trend emerging, but we predict that the three-stone rings in 2019 will incorporate unique shapes and use unconventional stones to give this classic look a modern twist.

Oval Diamonds

Oval shaped diamonds are a great look for those looking for a statement making piece with a minimal budget. The elongated shape of an oval diamond makes the stone look larger than it actually is. When shopping for an oval diamond it is important to think about diamond symmetry. Look for bow ties- a dark shadow in the center of the stone- when shopping for an oval diamond. This shadow can affect the overall look of the stone, so you will want to find a stone with the smallest bow tie you can find.

Pear-shaped Diamonds

In 2019, engagement rings seem to be straying away from typical round diamonds. A great way to incorporate an unusual shape to your engagement ring, but still keep it a timeless piece is to opt for a pear-shaped ring. Pear-shaped diamonds help to bring a unique look but still maintain a classic style that can remain timeless.

Small Details in Settings

A trend we are loving is the attention to detail that many new rings are incorporating. Couples are looking more than just adding halo settings and adding hidden details within the settings. A look we love is a hidden pave along the bridge of the setting. These surprise details add a nice, elegant touch that can make your ring multi-dimensional.

Stacked Rings

While it is traditional to pair an engagement ring with a wedding ring, the new trend of stacking rings includes not only a single wedding ring to go with an engagement ring, but also another ring to sandwich the engagement ring.  We’re also seeing a trend of the rings in a puzzle style where the rings are designed to fit together. This makes for a statement-making and stylish engagement ring and wedding ring.

Whether you are looking for a way to merge classic and modern styles or looking for a way to have a stand-out engagement ring, finding the perfect ring to last you a lifetime can be a fun and exciting experience.


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