General Etiquette for Men When Wearing Suits


You don’t usually wear a suit when heading out of your house. You only have the chance to wear one when invited to a formal event like a wedding or graduation party. Therefore, you need to look your best for the said event.

You can consider getting made to measure suits from tailors who can do a great job. The good thing about customized suits is that you can decide every detail. From the fabric to the colour of the suit, you have the power to choose what you want. You can also make several adjustments until you feel satisfied with the suit. When you wear this suit during an event, you will feel confident. You know you look great, and you also feel comfortable with what you are wearing. The only thing left to do is follow the general suit etiquette.

1Don’t button the bottom button of the jacket

Regardless of the number of buttons the suit jacket has, you need to unbutton the bottom button. The design of these jackets is only for closing the middle button. The bottom button is just there for added style. When you sit, you can easily unbutton the middle button for comfort.

2Don’t let the shirt cuffs go over the hands

You need to ensure that the shirt cuffs are narrow, so they rest on the top portion of your hands. Otherwise, they look too broad, and you will feel uncomfortable. The good thing is that when you have a made to measure suit, everything will be the perfect length.

3The jacket should fit

It seems like an obvious rule, but a lot of people fail to follow it. The primary reason is that you are still wearing the suit you wore several years ago. Your body size changes but your suit remains the same. You will know it when your jacket is too tight when you can barely breathe as you put it on, or you cannot even put it on without holding your breath. The key is to look at the shoulder area. If the shoulder of the suit hugs your shoulders well, it is the right jacket for you.

4Match your belt with your shoes

If you are wearing a black belt, the shoes also need to be black. If you are wearing a leather belt, your shoes also need to be made of leather. You will look weird when you use different materials and colors for the belt and shoes.

5Your socks need to cover your legs

Although this is no longer a strict rule today because of modern fashion trends, usual fashion styles require your socks to cover your legs. Use black socks to be safe or a color that matches the tone of your trousers. Depending on the occasion you don’t even have to wear socks, but that comes with some issues as explained in this Protalus article.

6The tie needs to be of the right length

Find a necktie that is the perfect length. You will know it is right if it ends right before the start of your belt. Make sure the tie covers every button of your shirt. When you are wearing a jacket, it will most likely cover your shirt, but you still need to follow this rule since at some point during the event you might remove your jacket.

Now that you understand the rules, you will feel confident as you enter the event.


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