How To Avoid Getting Tricked When Buying Leather Purses and Bags


Purses and bags made of genuine leather are a class apart from those pieces made of faux. Whether you buy leather purses online or go to boutiques and purchase authentic handbags, the challenge here lies on whether or not you can identify a real one from a knock-off. Over the years, technology has become an enormous dilemma when it comes to detecting fake from genuine leather. Any small business can create a fake version of a handbag so long as they have the proper tools. Eventually, authentic leather purses and bags become symbols of persona and status, while the fake ones reflect tackiness.

Before learning the tricks to avoid buying fake leather purses and bags, understand first the types of leather. Full Grain leathers are the best grades, followed by the Top Grain leather, and the Corrected Grain leather. These three are often used to create high-quality handbags. Split leather is also considered genuine, although this is the lowest graded.

Below are the master tricks to help you recognize original leather bags from the fake ones.

Check the edges

Genuine leather purses and bags always have rough and coarse edges. The fake ones have very smooth edges and look perfect because they are made of some synthetic materials or plastic.


Genuine leather bags scream imperfections. When you touch the leather, does it feel grainy or has that pebble-y texture? Genuine leather always has an inconsistent pattern. Minor imperfections are visible. The fake ones, on the other hand, have evenly spread pores, and the patterns are almost always even and uniform. Real leather, because it’s made of natural animal skin, is expected to have uneven pores.

Do the wrinkle test

When you stretch original leather, it changes in colour. Just like human skin, this type of leather is elastic. Wrinkly patterns disappear when you stretch pure leather and go back to its original form upon release. You can even try scratching it with your nails. The real ones will return to original, while the knock-offs don’t. Fake leather, no matter how much you stretch and scratch it, will always preserve its stiffness and shape.

Water soak test

Authentic leather absorbs moisture all the time; the fake ones don’t. You can check a leather’s credibility when it soaks up water in seconds.

Burning test

Although this is not generally recommended, this is one differentiator test you can consider if you want to check the leather’s authenticity further. When you light a matchstick right under a genuine leather bag, it just emits a fleshy smell and does not burn. Faux leather, meanwhile, produces a foul smell and burns.

The back and holes

When buying leather purses online, assess the back portion of the leather carefully. When you see uneven holes, and its finish is suede, this is a clear indication that the bag is original. Fake ones stitch their tag to the leather and are backed by plastic and cloth. Plus, their circular and even holes are red tags that they are fake.

Sturdy test

This is the simplest but the most prominent sign to distinguish fake and original leather bags. When both are placed down, the counterfeit bags remain folded, do not stand straight, and are unstructured. The authentic ones, on the other hand, are more structured, sturdier, and when placed upright, they stand up straight.

Before you buy leather purses online, make sure you do your research. With so many knock-offs these days, the best way to avoid getting duped is to make informed decisions.


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