Bill Gates 10 Predictions in 1999 which Comes True Today


Bill Gates in his book he talks about the Internet of Things, websites that communicate with friends and family and personalized ads. In total, he made 10 predictions that some more than others, surprisingly approach the reality of our days.

1. There will be automated price comparison services

The first prediction of Bill Gates in 1999 was for automated price comparison services, which would allow all buyers to check current running offers and current prices on several websites at one place so that he/she could find that product or service more cheaper.

2. We will bring mobile devices

Some Apple fans will say that the making of smartphone was Jobs’s idea, NO, infact Gates already told about them in his book of small devices , check news, buy and just do about anything. After that not only iPhone came but a lot more smartphones & smartwatches etc.

3. We will manage our finances and our health through the internet

Surely it seems crazy when the founder of Microsoft predicted that someday in the future the internet would allow us to pay our all bills, manage our personal finances and even consult any doctor.

4. Personal assistants

Bill Gates also predicted that someday we would have our own personal assistants who would be able to connect to all our devices, act as our managers and help us to solve our problems.

Today, we already walk in this world where all the devices have their own artificial intelligence or assistant like Siri, Alexa, Google Now, Cortana etc.

5. Security Video Camera

Gates also thought that in the future we would have around of full of cameras everywhere, which would allow us to check any time what happens where and when, while we are not available there.

6. Private websites for friends and family

Then I did not know, but these kind of platforms would be called as “social networks.” He thought there would be private webs for every individual so as to communicate with their friends and family and can plan events. The rest is history.

7. Automatic Promotions

Although cookies started working in year 1994, when Gates wrote his book, but you will not be able to segment users as they do today. That is why we included this one also in our list as it is really great to predict that in the future we would see embedded ads as well as offers related or similar to our the terms or things we have searched. Nowadays we are really tired of receiving these type of promotions.

8. Debate live while watching sports competitions

In his book, Gates also writes that in a coming few years television channels would allow us to comment on their live matches and sports competitions and can even participate in surveys held there.

We are seeing various streaming services through Youtube and some online TV platforms that includes live chat. The closest thing to Gates’ prediction is the debate that always comes up on Twitter about television shows.

9. Smart ads

In the Minority Report, Bill gates already imagined almost twenty years ago that the ads that would impact us in near future would be personalized and adapted to our searches, tastes and purchasing power.

10. Television contents with links

In this his expectations led him behind currently as he believed that future releases would include links to relevant websites and supplementary content for the user on their like base. However, it didn’t happened truly till now.

The closest thing we have seen currently is the QR codes which we can scan or the “call to action” so that we can visit that website or follow their social networks.


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