Google’s New App, Triangle, Allows You to Block Individual Apps from Using Mobile Data


Google recently started the testing of its newly developed app called Triangle that helps smartphone users better manage their mobile data. Currently being tested in the Philippines, Triangle allows users to check their data balance, see which apps are accounting the highest amount of data usage and even block individual apps that they don’t want to use the data.

Concern about the mobile data is uncommon in countries like the US, where unlimited data plans and bandwidth are highly favorable to users. For Indian smartphone users, the mobile data had been a big concern until Jio changed the game. But for people in other emerging markets, buying a data pack is still a big concern. Triangle could turn the wheel here.

Triangle focuses on to give users more granular control over how the data is being used by apps. This is not the first time Google is trying to avoid unnecessary data usage. Years ago, Google allowed users to add a “Data Saver” mode to its mobile Chrome browser, and integrated built-in data-saver controls as Data Saver feature in its Pixel phones.

Compared to the existing feature in Pixel, Triangle offers better control over applications. With Triangle, users can customize how their apps can use the data, which can be for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or “always.” Hope it has already inspired every mobile app development company to build something like Triangle.

Triangle lets users check their prepaid mobile data balance on telecom service providers in the Philippines like Globe and Smart. Users can also get an outline of their data-hogging apps. Globe and Smart offer data rewards through Triangle, which can be used to download new apps, so the existing data can stay intact.

There is no formal announcement by Google about Triangle, future plans for it, and its release to emerging markets and for people in developed markets who aren’t on unlimited data plans. But Triangle was a hot discussion topic in some online forums last month. We got to know that it is real news when we got a link to a free download of Triangle on the Philippines’ Google Play Store.

As mentioned earlier, there is no official statement by Google about Triangle, but a company representative gave this statement: “We’re currently doing tests in the Philippines on ways to help users better manage their mobile data. We have nothing further to announce at this time.”

Benefits of Triangle are highlighted below as mentioned in the Philippines’s Play Store.

  • Ability to better manage your data usage and block unwanted background data
  • 100 MB welcome gift after completing registration
  • Multiple 100 MB rewards from apps such as Mobile Legends and Waze, and more
  • Option to check the current data usage
  • Option to check prepaid data balance


Expect Indian users and users in developed countries like the USA, an app like Triangle is a much awaited app to have a better control over the mobile data. Being inspired by Triangle, some mobile app development companies in India are developing similar apps that reduce the data usage.


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