Readers are leaders

In is very saddening that the reading culture among has been under a serious threat as the time goes by. Generations are increasingly ignoring lessons from the book and are spending more hours in front…

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South Korean Comfort Women Agreement Upheld

As tensions remain high on the Korean peninsula, it comes as no surprise that the debate over the comfort women agreement was so fierce. After several weeks of delegation, the administration has decided to continue…

Photographer in Pune

Wedding Photographers in Pune

Your wedding deserves all the glitz and glamour as after the event the way of your life changes drastically. Then, why not make this event memorable by investing in the most intelligent manner on all…


Tips for Storing Your Ammunition

Most hunters and shooters choose the best ammunition and guns because they do understand that the better quality, the more enjoyable it is to shoot. However, like we all know, ammo does not last forever,…