New Moon Manifestation – Best New Moon Meditations & Rituals to Manifest What You Want This Month


Curious about when the new moon will arrive and what it means? The moon orbits the earth about every 30 days and begins a new cycle with full rotation. Traveling with the sun during this time, the new moon is nearly impossible to see until it reaches the young moon stage, which appears as a very slim sliver of a crescent moon. The best psychics online keep watch of lunar cycles, and moon phase calendars are also available. Harnessing the moon’s energy is the central tenet of many manifestation rituals.


The new moon brings with it new beginnings. The “birth” of the new moon signals that it is time to refresh and refocus energy, to focus on a rebirth of your own efforts. A free birth chart calculator may help you determine the power of the moon during your actual birth. The new moon phase is the best time to practice manifestations since lunar energies offer a sense of direction, connection to self and surroundings, and physical and spiritual grounding.


Lunar rituals focus on the moon’s energy during each point in the cycle, but no one ritual has to be followed. Harnessing the moon’s energy, you can use practices that others have found successful by searching in books, periodicals, or the internet. You may also create your own rituals that could better support your manifestation practice with the new moon.


To create your own ritual, center your practice on the aspects of new moon rituals that make them robust and pragmatic. Record the details to improve your practice. Focus on:

  • Power of new beginnings
  • Creating a sacred space
  • What adds to your energy
  • What takes away from your energy
  • Properties of crystals in your practice
  • Properties of herbs in your practice
  • Validity of exploring and experimenting


Rituals serve several purposes. They honor the new moon, earth, nature, and commitment to yourself, and positive change.

  • Connect and ground

Connecting to yourself and others is an important aspect of the work in new moon rituals. Grounding yourself,  firmly rooting the body and mind, is necessary to prepare for abundance.

  • Seek guidance 

Guidance may be from any number of trusted sources. Some look to elders, friends or family, nature, or medium readings, etc. Wherever the source, take time to absorb the knowledge that has been given to you. The new moon only lasts for about three days, so be purposeful about your actions during this time.

  • Set intentions 

Once you have deeply considered your experience and digested any guidance from trusted sources, set your intentions. Determine what it is that you wish to manifest and set the stage for your practice moving forward.


When your new moon intentions have been set, it is time to manifest them into reality. You may find that manifesting your intentions through affirmations, meditations, visualization, and journaling is an even more personal ritual than the new moon experience.

The results of your manifestation practice will beam with your dedication to self-growth and provide opportunities for reflection. Set your ritual and start manifesting with the next new moon.


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