Best Music Player Apps for Android – Alternatives of Google Play Music & Spotify

Here in this content we will be sharing and discuss the best music player for Android that you can use on your device to stream your favorite music. All the apps that we have listed on this list are having the best features in them and do support in all types of device.


Here are the Best Music Player Apps for Android 2023 – Music Streaming Apps and Websites. Best Alternatives of Spotify Music.

Music is the best way to relieve your stress or whatsoever, but for playing music on your device you will need to have a good music player app on your Android device.

There are many music player apps in the market with lots of features in them, but you can not blindly choose any of that. As some of the apps may not support on your phone. So you must be picky while choosing the best music player app for your Android phone.

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Here in this content we will be sharing and discuss the best music player for Android that you can use on your device to stream your favorite music. All the apps that we have listed on this list are having the best features in them and do support in all types of device.

The best part is that like the best video player MX player apk and  MX Player for Windows 10, these apps are also famous among all the music lovers to play tumbler videos.  You can Download Tumblr Videos and use these players to play. So let’s have a quick look at the apps and its details.

Best Music Player Apps for Android 2023

There are many music player apps available for android including free and premium services. So today we have mentioned to the Best Music Player Apps for Android 2023. Some of them are free, some are paid.

1. Deezer:

Deezer is one of the best free music players for Android. It has free services for the music lovers as well as premium services too. The best part is that even in the free version you are getting enough features like discovering new collection songs, new songs from a new artist and even creating your customized playlist.

The premium service obviously offers some extra facilities to the users like offline listening, Android support etc.

deezer2. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a free music player app for android which allows the users to listen to songs from various radio stations and to download the podcasts.

Basically, it is a radio platform where you can listen to music from FM radio stations, news and sports related contents. The best part of iHeartRadio is that it offers the Chromecast and Android support for the users.

iheart radio3. Google Play Music

Out of all this is the best music player app for your Android phone that you can have. The best thing of Google Play music is that it allows the users to play the music from their personal collection as well as online music from the artist.

Even the users can stream music from it and can upload up to 50,000 music tracks. It has a premium version too enriched with lots of features.

google play music4. Jango radio

Jango Radio is a platform for all music listeners and also for the individual artist. Here one can listen to music of different artists as well as can upload your own music to showcase your talent to the world.

But for uploading any music or songs, the artist has to pay, not the listeners, so that the app users can enjoy music for absolutely free. And there are no annoying ads which will disturb you when you are streaming your favorite music.


5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the best music player apps where you can stream music of different independent artists. But for latest releases by popular artists, you may switch to the premium version.

But the free service is also not less equipped; you can enjoy 125 million tracks of artists from all around the world. You can also upload your music worldwide.


6. Pandora

Pandora is also one of the top free music apps for android which allows the users to listen to music from various radio stations and other contents just like the iHeart radio app.

It has a library containing various option to listen millions of music tracks from all around the world. It has a premium version which allows you to listen to the most demanded music in the market.


7. Spotify Music

Spotify Music is also a free best music player apps for streaming music from different radio stations, playlists, and others. It allows the users to create their own stations and playlists as well.

You can use the chrome cast feature to listen to music too. Its premium version offers many other facilities to the users.


8. Youtube Music

Youtube Music is a most popular platform for both watching videos and listening music. Here you can search for anything you want, music from the world top music bands or music from local bands, all can be found on Youtube.

It always gives notifications to the users as per their choice of music, latest music albums, and concerts. Users can upload their own contents on youtube too. If you subscribe the premium version, you will not use any other music player for sure.

YouTube music

9. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a music player which offers the users to listen to music from thousands of radio stations and FM radio stations.

Not only that, you can also enjoy various podcasts, comedy events, sports broadcasting and lots more for absolutely free. It has a premium service option too, but that is not so different from the free one.

tunein radio

Best Premium Music player for Android

1. BlackPlayer Music Player

The Blackplayer music player is the best premium music player app for android with premium service. It puts the music lovers connected with the music of their favorite artist and genre. It does not have any ads that will irritate you at your work.

In the BlackPlayer music player, you will have the music of your artists, music bands, and others. In addition, it offers features like equalizer, widgets, different themes, supports and more for a better experience.

black player

2. JetAudio

JetAudio is a famous Android music player app for all the Android smartphone users. It offers various features like an equalizer with 32 presets, several effects like bass boost, widgets, several attractive themes, MIDI playback, and of course, an ad-free user interface. The ad & theme is the only difference between its free and premium services.


3. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is another good music player app for android with premium services. As you pay for it, it also offers you the best services with features like audiobook, equalizer, widgets, podcasts, different categories of music on the basis of artists, composers, etc, themes, and online supports.

The best thing about the MediaMonkey is that you can synchronize your music library from both your mobile and PC via WiFi connection.

media monkey

4. Poweramp

Poweramp is a unique best music player apps of its kind. It is also liked by many music lovers for its different features like gapless playback, crossfade, creating several types of playlists, equalizer with presets, tags option, lyrics, ringtone making a feature, supports and much more.

So this is the best premium app for all the music lovers, as it is having all the features in it.


5. Shuttle+

If you want to get all latest feature of music player apps, then you must try Shuttle+ which will help you to choose music from different categories like genre, artists, albums, and others.

Also, it keeps you updated with a category called “Suggested” where you will get all the notification for the latest music of your taste. Apart from these, it has equalizer, gapless playback, lyrics option, folder browsing, themes, tag option, chrome cast facility, supports etc.


7. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar music player is a top rated music player app for Android with both free and premium services. It has a very easy & simple user interface, yet have all the latest features like gapless playback, tag option, equalizer, lyrics, several playlists, sleep timer and lots more.

The users of Pulsar Music player is increasing day by day. You can use its free version to give a try.

pulsar music player

7. Neutron Music Player

Neutron music player is again the best music player apps which is developed with audio rendering engine for better sound quality.

Apart from that, it has provided the ability to play all media formats and all other latest features like equalizer, tagging, gapless playback, etc. that helps to experience a better musical journey. The feature/ services Neutron provides are really worth the payments.

neutron music player

8. n7player

If you looking for an awesome as well as top music player app for your android devices, then n7player is the best option you must go for. Unlike others, it has designed a vast single- list which holds all variety or categories of songs or music one want to listen.

The other features of this music player are giving tough competition to other music players. users can download the n7player on their smartphone and can enjoy a free trial for a period of time.

n7 music player

9. Phonograph

The Phonograph is a music player with a very easy & simple user interface. For those who are looking for a simple music experience, with various attractive themes for a cool look this is it.

This app also has other features like equalizer, tag editor, several playlists etc. It is not even fully paid music player, just some of its features are paid.

phonoraph music player

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This is it, all of these above-listed best music player apps are must have application for a music lover. All these apps are having all the necessary features that a music player app needs to have.

Not only this, the best part is that you can use this on all of your Android devices as it supports on all device. Here we have listed both free and premium apps for your phone, so you can easily install any of the app given above according to your requirements.

The apk version of all these apps is easily available in the market. So what are you waiting for, simply download the app and start listening to your favorite music on your phone.



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