Rarbg Torrent – What Is It and Why Is It Blocked?


Rarbg Torrent is one of the leading torrent sites with it’s huge collection of torrents movie.

Proxy Sites And Mirrors For Rarbg Torrent: When it comes to downloading movies and TV shows majority of the users rely on torrents. There are a number of torrent sites that are available out there. Out of all the torrent sites one prominent name is the Rarbg torrent. If you are someone who enjoys watching rarbg movies in high quality then Rarbg is the site for you. This particular torrent site was introduced in the year 2009. Since, then it has grown into a popular torrent site and is known to have millions of users all across the world. Rarbg is one of the leading torrent sites with it’s huge collection of torrents. One of the unique features of Rrabg is that it has a social community of it’s own. Not many torrent sites is known to have such a feature. Users are allowed to create an account on the site and create threads.

Why is Rarbg Torrent Blocked?

In 2008 when the website was launched it was operated from Bulgaria but later it was moved to other countries because of legal issues. The website doesn’t host any copyright files. It only provide magnetic links to files that are already distributed on other networks all around the globe. In order to protect the copyright stands, Rarbg has been blocked in several countries which include the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bulgaria.

It is true that that Rarbg has been blocked in many countries but you can still access it from other countries where it is still working. The fun part is that no country can shut down a website completely. Despite of the fact that the countries are trying it’s best to shut down torrent sites like Rargb, it has failed in it’s attempt. Even if the sites are banned in a particular country you can still access it with the help of mirror and proxy sites.

Rarbg has a number of mirror and proxy sites with the help of which you can gain access to the site from any country in the world. It is the easiest way of gaining access to the Rarbg torrent site. If you search the internet you will come across several proxy sites and mirror services. But for your convenience we have listed the best and safe proxy sites and mirrors for Rarbg.

So this is the list of the best proxy sites and mirror services that you can use for Rarbg. With the help of these proxy links you can easily gain access to Rarbg even if it is blocked in your country. So there is no need for you to worry about downloading movies and TV shows anymore because your favorite torrent site is still accessible with the help of proxy sites.

Thus, it can be concluded that Rarbg is one of the leading torrent sites from where you can download any file that you want. Even if it is blocked in your country you can still access it through proxy sites.


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