Best Free Alternatives of Spotify App – Free Music Streaming Websites and Apps


Are you finding Alternatives of Spotify Web player for free music? Here are best free music streaming websites like Spotify.

Free Alternatives of Spotify App and Web Player: Listening to music soothes you down. Moreover, it’s been scientifically proven fact that one should listen to music (not too high volume) because it makes you happy, relieves stress, reduces depression and a lot more.

Not many people buy music, CDs and albums from the music stores. In fact with the drastic change in the tech industry now there are some free music streaming websites and apps that allows you to tune into music from worldwide.

One such of them happens to be Spotify. It’s free; you get to try different music, accessible on phone, PC, laptops, Smartphones, TV’s, Car, Spotify car thing etc. Besides you can build your own music playlist of your favorite songs.

But, there are limitations to every free plan. So is it with Spotify. Earlier it restricted the users from the number of times and how long they can listen to the favorite tracks.

Therefore, we decided to give you other Spotify Alternatives websites and apps for the unlimited access to Free music.

1. Soundcloud

soundcloud - Best Free Alternatives of Spotify

Soundcloud lets you surf different genre of music, bands, albums and much more. It is best Alternative of Spotify Car Thing.  It allows you to share the music fast and quickly. What’s more is you can also upload your own audio.

Distribute your music and by chance, you might get to sing with music professionals. Listen to various podcasts that happen to be the latest in trend.


lastfm- Best Free Music website and app

Known for its Audio Scrobbler feature, offers customized radio streams. It offers 7 million tracks and hosts 40 million users from all around the world. is the Site like Spotify APP – Best Music website.

The users are not allowed to play the track of their choice. Instead, they have to choose from artists, genre etc, that will help in building the playlist.

3. Grooveshark

Grooveshark - Free Music downloading websites

Grooveshark is a Free music streaming website like Spotify App where the user uploads the songs, unlike others. Its web-based service hence no software to download.

You can listen to millions of song according to your preference. Listen to radio stations and share the music. The quality is quite good compared to others.

4. MySpace

MySpace- Free Music Streaming websites

Access the world’s largest music genre, albums on MySpace. Create your own playlist and listen to major artist’s songs and music. There’s no doubt that MySpace is excellent but at times it becomes irksome. It is another Best Alternative of Spotify web player.

For instance, you just searched “Apocalypse” then you might not be able to find it but the same track might be playing in some other tab from MySpace.

5. Ganna

gaana- Free Music streming websites and apps

When it comes to Indian music, you will stun to know how much of music they have got. It’s like a hidden treasure. Ganna happens to be the first free music streaming apps in India and Alternative of Spotify Web Player along with web version.

It consists of old Bollywood songs to different language songs, instrumentals and of course, International albums are easily accessible. Create a list, share it and like someone’s else playlist as well.

6. Deezer


Another great music streaming website and Alternative of Spotify is Deezer which has millions of music that keeps on increasing every day. Besides, you can enjoy it on many platforms. It’s available in more than 100 countries.

With effective sound quality, it does become tricky to interact with the interface. Although it’s not free, you get two memberships via which you can listen to some amazing music and features.

7. Google Play Music

google play music

Well, almost everyone has Google Play Music on their phones. It’s available through a Smartphone or the Google Chrome on the computer.

What’s more, it builds your playlist according to your listening. It has 20 million libraries, superb sound quality. While playing Google Play music, you get no advertisements. So big YAY!

Spotify app is one of the favorites of everyone when it comes to listening to music. But now that they have cut down the few hours, for some, it might be expensive to pay monthly fees. Hence, we are here to help you out.

The aforementioned are best alternatives of Spotify for both web and mobile apps that will have free music streaming. So, go find your choice and let us know about your experience in the comment section.


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